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Staff Members of Xinchejian

Staff Members of Xinchejian are primarily responsible for making sure the space is active, safe, and fun. If you ever need help with something at Xinchejian, you can reach out to a staff member.

  • Staff Members are all volunteers.
  • Staff Members also manage Support Staff at Xinchejian.

Current Staff Members

Xinchejian staff 2016.JPG

Date: December 2016 (last update)

The following XinCheJian members make up the current staff at XinCheJian.

Alumni Staff Members

Date: November 2017 (last update) The following XinCheJian members were previously staff members at XinCheJian.

  • Min Lin Hsieh (谢旻琳) is one of the co-founders of XinCheJian that helped to officially launch the hackerspace on March 26th, 2011 at the original Anhua Road location. She volunteered full-time for the first year of the space's existence, taking care of most of the operational aspects of the hackerspace. Most events planning, marketing, financial management and purchasing went through Min Lin during this time period. She also handled all issues and projects involving corporate workshops. Min Lin is currently working for English First as a Senior Product Manager.
  • Ricky Ng-Adam (伍思力) is a co-founder of XinCheJian and has worked as a high-level tech consultant for several start-up companies in Shanghai. An ex-Googler, he spent four years as a Software Engineer in Test both at the Mountain headquarters and the Shanghai office where he spent most of his time enjoying the free food. Ricky is also the founder of Coderbunker, a community of software engineers that helps talented developers grow into successful freelancers.
  • Paul Adams (邓保尔) was one of the participants in XinCheJian's first workshop in 2011, the Lutz Insectbot workshop. Ever since then, Paul has been instrumental in improving many aspects of the space, from the Wednesday open house talks, to upgrading and maintaining most of the space's networking infrastructure. Previously a partner at Chaos Studio focusing in web development and system administration, he now works at frog as technologist and can be found most weekends either fishing or scuba diving.
  • Kevin Chen is not only involved with the famous Shanghai Techyizu behind well-known events such as Shanghai Barcamp, he's also the entrepreneur behind, a person-to-person language learning startup. He's a great counsel on all matters related to business and has been instrumental in helping XinCheJian organize and negotiate on various issues.
  • Andrea Carlon is an Italian service and graphic designer by day and the designated designer for all staff needs. He is also interested in photography, video, motion graphic and everything that blinks.
  • Freda Feng is our resident painter, and animal rescue expert.
  • Amanda Ma: Amanda - Amanda Ma was the previous Space Manager.
  • Edward Jiang (姜昊): an exemplary member, Edward has helped and contributed enormously to the technical aspects of many of our projects in addition to making the most popular project with kids when we're presenting outside: the useless machine. Edward is looking for great Chinese hackers that want to join XCJ and make the space even better.
  • Sean Purser-Haskell: Crazy inventor guy who arrived in Xinchejian in 2015.
  • Lionello Lunesu (李欧): Lionello has been the go-getter and hacker spirit for the space, pushing for less talk and more action. An engineer at Microsoft, he's been responsible for a large number of cool hacks from the arcade machine to the wifi lock access. Lio is looking for doers, not talkers!
  • Lucio Pentagna: Brasilian 3d-printing specialist, he sailed the seven seas before make landfall in Shanghai. He knows how to weld.
  • Mika Lin (林信义): a Chinese designer with a love for building LED heart things. 毕业于汕头大学长江艺术与设计学院Digital Media Art,是一位新媒体互动设计师,专注于用户体验及交互设计。他热爱图形,动态影像,声音,之所以设计了这个“心跳”,希望借助实体物件去表达,让大家能把自己的心传达给对方,让物件与人之间的联系更加紧密。Mika在2011年底加入了新车间,他很高兴能在一个聚集了各路精英的开放式交流平台,以前卫的想法和面对面的交流,与各位创客们一同实现各种梦想。

Becoming a Staff Member

Go here if you're interested in becoming a staff member.

Previous Staff Members

Many of our staff members have moved to other cities. We wish they were still with us!

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Other Categories of Xinchejian People

Support Staff

Space Manager

This is a new position at Xinchejian. The space manager helps to keep Xinchejian running. If you've been in contact with Xinchejian, chances are you're talking with our space manager!

Cofounders and Stakeholders

If you want to learn more about the people who originally started Xinchejian, go to Cofounders! The Stakeholders are the original donors who helped fund Xinchejian in the early stages.

Translation team

  • This is defunct, unfortunately.