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Becoming a Staff Member at XinCheJian

If you really agree with the mission of Xinchejian and are interested in contributing more to the organization, please look into becoming a staff member.

As a staff member you'll help run the space and share the responsibilities, along with making decisions in how the space runs and evolves, you'll also be expected to join staff meetings. Without the generosity of the current volunteers sharing tasks in their free time, it would be near impossible to keep XinCheJian alive.

Xinchejian Staff Member Benefits

Being a staff member means:

  • Being a key part of the success of one of the most interesting and exciting community in China!
  • Being involved in the internal discussions related to managing the Hackerspace;
  • Getting a key and 24h/7d access to the space;
  • Getting an email account (if desired)

Xinchejian Staff Member Responsibilities

As a staff member, you are expected to:

  • To continue the awesome volunteer work that made you a staff member;
  • Join in the weekly staff meetings (typically Tuesday evenings);
  • Participate on main staff mailing list (;
  • Join in the evenings and weekends events on a regular basis;
  • Be able to promote the space to potential sponsors and members;
  • Contribute documentation to the | Xinchejian wiki;
  • Participate on blog, and the various social networks where XinCheJian is linked;
  • Provide your contact information (email and phone) to the staff team.

Becoming a staff member

Staff membership is based on your contribution as a regular member. You should already be spending a significant amount of time at XinCheJian:

  • Involved in XinCheJian events
  • Teaching workshops
  • Contributing financially or operationally to the space

Contribution Requirements

  • There should be a consensus from the existing staff members that you would fit in with the team.
  • You will be be nominated for a place in a staff member when the team feels your contributions are essential to the continued success of the space.

Feel free to discuss your desire and your contributions with a staff member.

Application Process Outline

  • Be nominated by an existing staff member
  • Be accepted and recognized at a staff meeting
  • Nomination is forwarded to all staff and stakeholders

If there are no objections, then:

  • You will be officially inducted to staff at the next staff meeting

Getting Set Up

  • Get access to the Official XinCheJian calendar
  • Post the introduction to the public mailing list (
  • Get access to our XinCheJian social network accounts (Weibo, Facebook, Twitter, et)


When becoming staff member, please update your bio below with (in third person):

  • Full-name (Chinese and English), nickname
  • Country of origin
  • Current day job
  • Personal background
  • Interests and talents
  • Why you think XCJ is an interesting place
  • Exact join date (to XCJ and to XCJ staff)
  • Your projects
  • What you're looking for, opportunities you're searching (in life, at XCJ, for your work)
  • Your contributions to date

This bio should be posted to the XCJ blog.

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