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Arcade Machine

Release status: experimental [box doku]

Description A retro arcade machine using a Commodore 64
Author(s)  Lio Lunesu
Last Version  alpha

The arcade machine that is currently being built.


  • Lilys BeeHouse wood (Hopes its free - thanks)
  • Lio's Commodore 64 (awesome! - Priceless)
  • 2nd hand TV (Lio - 200rmb)
  • Joystick (Thanks Micheal - 22 USD - need one more analog)
  • 4 awesome buttons (Lio - cost?)
  • ..more..


Planning in progress
Severin would be proud!
who needs a measuring device
it needs a top part right and a base of course
(smiley face)

To Do

  • 1 more Joystick
  • disassemble the TV
  • install the sound system in the hood
  • build a frame for the tv to sit on and the playing console
  • build the display either a mirror + glass or just lay the tv outside but the screen curves, maybe plexiglass.
  • black paint
  • get some stick-on prints made to cover the sides.
  • wire up the components
  • Play

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