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中文版本: 生物实验室

Introduction to Biolab at Xinchejian

Based in Shanghai we're building an open community Biolab/ Urban farming space. We are dedicated to promoting science and biotechnolgy we believe biology should be accessible, affordable, and open for everyone. The space operates under a ‘makerspace’ community model similar to XinCheJian, with a focus on biology, plants, agriculture and related topics.

Capsaicin Extraction

The biolab's first completed lab project: a method to extract compounds from plant material. Using powder made from ghost pepper, one of the world's hottest peppers, we will show you how we extracted capsaicin from it in the Xinchejian biolab.


We are creating luciferin/luciferase based glowing bacteria for demonstration and bioart purposes.

Neuro Corner

Set up a number of small projects and experiments in Neuroscience. The first one is the SpikerBox.

Air quality measurement

We are building an experimental setup to test the air filtration ability of certain plants for VOCs and CO2. The system will be a relatively air tight box with wireless air quality sensors inside of it.

Related Projects

  • Aquaponics - Please go to this page to see the recent setup.

Xinchejian Staff and Members

Anyone interested in should contact Roger Mu at Xinchejian. Please also feel free to visit XinCheJian on Saturdays 3pm - 4pm for our weekly meeting,

The Biolab at Xinchejian was opened in October 2016, led by Roger Mu and Sol Bergen-Bartel

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