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Description Eduardo

Eduardo Is a Maker and Entrepreneuris who takes care of XinCheJian as it's his first home in China. Right now as staff member also helps on the development of the community and in-house projects.



  • Out of XinCheJian, he is the founder and Creative Director of Toky Labs Ltd. Eduardo Alarcon is the founder and creative director of, a robotics company changing the way students and organizations approach technological innovation.

Eduardo specializes in injecting productive creativity into engineering development and operations. He holds six years of experience as a researcher at Universitat Politecnica de Catalonia in Spain, where he designed and implemented a multi-model power system for researching on Smart microgrids. Before moving to Shanghai, Eduardo designed Smart Bank, a fin-tech management platform for banks and financial institutions capable of categorizing and visualizing user transactions as well as making recommendations. He has seven publications in some of the top international scientific magazines to his name on topics ranging from static synchronous compensators to the NASA space elevator. He speaks five languages and has traveled to more than 45 countries.

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