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Translation team

As we have to serve both our Chinese and English members, the translation team is a key partner of the staff team. We wish to recognize their quite essential efforts here.

Their mission: Improve Chinese's hackers communities exchanges between themselves and the international communities with the largest, best, most efficient, well organized, happy Chinese <-> English volunteers technical translation team in the world.

  1. Wenjia Zhou aka Airie: Airie is a native Shanghainese. She came to Xinchejian on June 2011. Currently, she is a full time student in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. "Language should not be a barrier." She hopes more local hackers can join this large community and connect with the world.
  2. Dan Sun: (@LolaSD) has been located in Berlin for the past 3 three years for its electronic beats and more than 1500 start-ups with big ambitions. She has a private project of open-source music synthesizer and is keen on catch up on latest hot topics with XinCheJian team.
  3. Otto Mao: a local student from Shanghai Jiaotong University, majoring in electronic engineering. Otto is very interested in hacking. He is willing to help XCJ promote its localization.
  4. Samuel

Welcome to the XinCheJian translation team! Here are some information on how to contribute!

Mailing list:

Send an email with the email address you want to use with the mailing list to

Use to discuss with other translators and receive translation requests.


Anyone can register here:

You can then login here:

After registration, send an email to with your desired WordPress username.

Once approved, you should be able to edit drafts, edit old posts and publish posts.

The interface already supports tabs for both English and Chinese version. By default, the English version is copied to the Chinese version (and vice-versa). Translate by editing the Chinese tab.


Create an account on the wiki by sending a request to with desired username.

To login:

To translate, modify the URL to add /zh

For example, the main page is:

The translated page is:

If the page doesn't edit, just click on the Edit button while logged in!

Once translated, a new link should appear on the bottom left-hand side under "In other languages".

Google Translation Toolkit

It would probably be useful to build our own translation memories for hackerspaces.

Suggest using and sharing the Google Translator Toolkit:

Translation notes

  • Please announce there what you'll be working on before starting and when you finish on
  • Please sign your translated documents with ("translated by [name/nickname]")
  • Just go ahead and select untranslated blog posts or wiki pages to translate that you feel are interesting/valuable.
  • Don't be shy! Better a OK translation than no translation at all!! We can always continuously improve.


Please be careful when translating from English to Chinese. Please check the Terminology document.

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