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This is a summary of the Space Manager.


The Space Manager is the main person responsible for keeping Xinchejian running on a day-to-day basis. The Space Manager helps with:

  • Membership
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Space Administration
  • Communication
  • Backup for the Event Manager
  • This person needs to be on duties monday to friday



Managing Membership List

  • Updating membership info on

Collecting Membership Fees

  • Collecting membership fee
  • Sending reminders

Enforcing Membership at Space

Finance and Accounting


  • Issuing invoices for xcj sponsorship and other things


  • keeping tack of income and expenses;
  • onsite workshop payment + membership fee + payment on (should be transferred to alipay account after workshop);
  • give cash to Freda end of month

Dealing with Official Accountant

  • Paying annual fee to accountant
  • Collecting invoices and send to accountant begging of the month;
  • Communicating with accountant on any XCJ related changes;

Space Admin

Organizing the space:

  • organizing tools and material;
  • know where to find things


  • ordering drinks, receiving drinks when they are delivered, and organizing fridge;
  • collect money from sales of drinks; give cash to Freda

Paying P2 rent and Power Bill:

  • pay p2 monthly power bill and quarterly rent;
  • talk to Mini for invoices.

Paying Xinfab

  • pay 1000rmb to xinfab on receiving invoice

Paying Ayi

  • pay ayi end of month

Other payments/expenses

  • to be made from alipay account;
  • keep cash at Freda’s account for rent.

Ordering Kits DFrobot:

  • ordering kits on DFrobot online shop and pay;
  • collect money from sales of kits;
  • give cash to Freda


Email Correspondence

  • checking and replying emails for xcj;
  • schedule visits and receive visitors on scheduled dates

Media Communication

  • schedule / decline interview with media;
  • make sure they report xinchejian as it is, i.e no misleading information

Promoting Xinchejian:

  • taking photos and spread the words

Hosting Open Night

  • host open night when needed;
  • prepare newsletter and wechat post and send out to as many interested people as possible ->
  • ready the site, arranging tables and chairs

Reporting to Staff

Staff Meeting Reports

  • Report to Staff
  • raise important issues at staff meeting to discuss;
  • update staff on finances and membership

Assisting Staff

  • translate and interpret when can;
  • assisting on events and workshops and projects

Backup Event Manager

  • Backup for Event Manager in case they are unavailable.


  • Depends on experience and skills
  • Please see Google Doc


  • Amanda Ma was the first XinCheJian Space Manager, beginning in April 2014 and ending in June 2015.
  • Chris Zhang is the current XinCheJian Space Manager, beginning in August 2015.

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