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Active Projects

Xīnchējiān has many active projects that are being worked on by its members. The hackerspace itself is a project. Find out more.


Line following robots, or autonomous self-directing robots! See who can build the fastest robot in Shanghai.

Other Projects

Major Projects

These are projects with long-term focus and dedicated teams.

Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices are anything, physical, electronic or software to help people accomplish everyday tasks.

Urban Farming

Urban Framing is looking into techniques to raise plants in an urban setting, with a focus on aquaponics (hydroponics + aquaculture).

3D Printing

3D Printing at Xinchejian is focused on learning how to use 3D Printers and also build them.

Open Source Air Filter

Projects that are interested in designing and building an open source air filter.

TheSpaceProjectS 空间项目

Big fancy show-off display - it is a physical board that can be moved to external events. 一块可以带到外面去参加活动的硬件线路板,其上安装有一个大的,漂亮的,炫耀的显示屏。

Big Buttons provide INSTANT access to core features - displayed on TV (auto controlled). 按大按钮可立即获取系统主要功能并自动显示在视屏上。

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