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Xinchejian First Mendel V2 Reprap

XCJ ol'PLAstica, Overview


In the process of creating and fixing everything for the Swarm bot Project, Valentin started to look around on Michael's reprap, and figuring out how to make it work.

For now-on, the printer is working, but need adjustements and calibration, which is a long journey...


Here is a list of the identified components of the XCJ Reprap (also called 'Mamma PLAstica' "Ol'plastica or '@#$gneu!' by a certain French guy):

  • Structure: Reprap Mendel V2,
  • Electronics : Gen6 Electronics, with AT Mega 644p processor (PCB EJE Electronics, Gubbels Engineering -
  • Extruder: 0.5mm nozzle, 100k generic Thermistor, geared 1/8 Driver microstepping - uStep
    • Model Unknown, 10 tooths on the motor, 58 on the wheel, ration 58:10
  • Stepper motors: 1.8°, 2.5A Wandal motor
  • Power supply: 12V No-brand power supply.


  • Reprap firmware: Marlin, up-to-date 25.02.2012 (settings by Valentin: 27.05.2012) v1.0.0 RC1 (uploaded with Arduino 0022).
  • Host Firmware: Pronterface, slic3r, from Printrun May 2012.

Printable Materials

For now (27 May 2012) the only available material is some 3mm grey PLA:

    • The recommended extruding temperature is 205°C.


27 May 2012

The new hot-end is mounted and working, but we are not sure about the 100k thermistor table, we might have to do our own thermistor table if we want to be more accurate. As well, we've been unable so far to extrude a correct quantity of material, and definitely not enough PLA to even try to print something... The step-per-mm should be changed.

06 June 2012

Due to the shortness of the driving tube from the new hot end, the plastic filament was melting inside the tube before reaching the end of the extruder, causing the extruder to not extruding, and just having bubbles of plastic stuck inside. Having a new white isolator would have solved the problem (driller to the right diameter) but I've prefered to go wild: milling a new copper hot end, with the heating element bought by Edward, and the same thermistor already mounted to the other hot-end (to not having to change the firmware settings). A huge heating copper block is born, and everything is now mounted to the reprap! We are just waiting for the computer to be fixed to start some tests.

New Mendel Assembly

21 June 2012

All the printed parts have been gathered, checked and cleaned. Hardware parts; metal bars, bolts, washers and ball-bearings have been bought and classified. So far what we are missing are the motors, electronic parts, sprockets, springs and belts (the ones we got aren't the correct ones). We also need to create a aluminum bed for the printing parts and a PVC or Wood base for the PCB from the electronic parts. Right now we are in the process of assembling the frame, which hopefully will be assembled soon. The axes should be assembled apart and put all together afterwards. After squaring the axes it comes the tricky part which is the extruder. Once everything is assembled and wired, then comes the adjustments and calibrations before we will be able to print any part. So, still a long way to go but we feel enthusiastic about the project and we looking forward to see some improvements soon.