Helper Sessions

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Helper Sessions

Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description Dedicated sessions to learn anything
Author(s)  Spencer Featherstone
Last Version  ongoing sessions

What are Helper Sessions? 什么是帮手活动小组

Helper Sessions is where: 帮手活动小组就是:

  • We all share and help each other 大家在一起共享资源而且互相帮助
  • Make and hack stuff – anything! 动手制做,更改玩意儿 - 随便什么东西
  • All questions are welcome 欢迎问任何问题
  • All languages are welcome 不管说什么语言的人,在这儿都会受到欢迎

When do Helper Sessions happen? 帮手活动小组是在何时活动?

  • Thursday nights around 7:30 PM -- trial 周四晚七点半左右 (试行中)

Current themes for Helper Sessions 目前帮手活动小组的话题

  • TheSpaceProjectS 空间项目
  • Assistive Devices covers a huge range of technology, and it's a great way to learn about hacking. Assistive Devices 是一个为残疾人设计的装置 - 此装置涉及到非常广的技术范围 ,学用此装置是动手学做玩意儿的好方式。
  • Anyone is free to suggest other themes! 欢迎大家建议其他话题

Guidelines 指南

  • You need to be a member of Xinchejian. 任何新车间会员都可以参加
  • Display “Helper sessions” welcome sign – so people know were to come (don’t be shy!)
  • Setup at one table/area – with chairs and clean workspace.
  • Noisy discussions should move to another area, so main group can continue.
  • Share and document – let other people know if you had a good time, or learnt something (or not)
  • Ask for wiki account and how to use the wiki!

These sessions are intended to extend the always great help available at anytime at Xinchejian :)

Aim is to fit in between formal workshop Xinchejian learning and to give some relief to Xinchejian regular members as they often spend most of their time helping others.

THANKS for all the interest and support after Wednesday nights talk!

  • Note “Helper sessions” is a draft name – fits in with Maker, hacker, and also fits in with assistive technology. Any better suggestions?


  • Began on 11th July

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