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List of space-related projects that we want to get done at Xinchejian.

Physical Stuff Organization

  • suspend projects to the ceiling
  • organize one shelf
  • color code tools and its location of storage
  • label all the shelves and containers so people know where to return them
  • add additional shelves
  • sort out components
  • track down ownership of storage boxes
  • rental information on the storage boxes
  • put up some artworks
  • create electronic inventory


  • maintain outgoing pile (and send notices)
  • managing the Ayi
  • sweeping, mopping floor
  • dusting the shelves
  • wiping the tables
  • clean the whiteboard
  • buy cleaning products

Posters and Promotion

  • translate texts
  • make some physical bilingual signs for the space
  • what is XCJ, history of the space, mission
  • who are the staff members
  • what the rules are
  • scan, frame the numerous dead tree articles written about XCJ
  • spray paint instructions ("Do not use for storage", "Keep work surfaces clean", "XinCheJian", "Clean me", "Restroom this way")
  • electronic slideshow
  • advertize our tools and components
  • create members' guide


  • maintain XCJ store
  • prices for items and memberships
  • inventory (partkeeper) with pictures
  • list of things to buy (consumables)
  • ordering parts
  • keep the fridge full

Tech Stuff

  • test and install donated computers
  • maintain the workstations (Mac, Windows)
  • scan network for intrusions
  • improve internet functionality and performance (network printing, webcam, offer local network services - caching proxy)
  • automate membership management

Fun Stuff

  • Arcade Machine - Use my raspberry pi to replace the laptop at the Arcade machine
    • You get better game (snes, nes, sega, mame...) also we can see to make this arcade machine better.
    • You win one laptop ;) and why not use this laptop as a win pc around. Sometime some software need windows and people only have mac.. ;) Also we need to save power from this arcade machine that go all day for nothing, Raspberry pi is 1watt lol ;) ====>can respberry pi run a minecraft server? ====>Mk802 should. Mine craft needs ram more than CPU