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City Project introduction

This is a starter page for our new upcoming city project. More info about the project will be added soon.

The City

After some brainstorming we started to build the table where the city will be installed. For that we are going cheap and used material we already had in our space.

City map
First building arises
Robots on the street

Moving building

Our first try to move a building up and down to re-shape the city succeeded. The mechanics are not perfect yet but it's working.

attachment plate
linear actuator mount
test installation with Arduino board
view at the motor with linear gear attached to the building from under the table






wood for table frame free Xinchejian
4x stepper motor with linear gear 25 RMB each Taobao
8x motor driver board with DRV8833 10 RMB each sunny
angle beams 100 RMB Matt from local hardware store
Nuts, washers and bolts 15 RMB Matt from local hardware store

The environment

Inductive street

Equip the streets with copper coils to guide and power up the robot

Projection Mapping

Proposal for projection mapping software: Derivative's Touch Designer FTE is a node based realtime visual design environment with strong 3D capabilities. Free for non-commercial usage.

Interface Touch Deisnger Interface

Video Resources:

For communication with the Arduino controlled motors OSC Fornat or MIDI can be used.

Cam Schnappr a Touch designer compound for easy projector calibration.

OSC Resources

  • Touch OSC iOS App for controlling OSC enabled devices