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Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description Set of ongoing projects for fun and to work on "The Space is the project" project
Author(s)  User:Spanner
Last Version  v0.01

TheSpaceProjectS Suggested Project Outline 空间项目建议要点

TheSpaceProjectS block diagram - English TheSpaceProjectS block diagram - Chinese

  • goals??
    • Hands on - some big buttons for EASY, INSTANT access to core features
    • Fun
    • Flashy, show-off, interactive (TV, sound, Nabaztag, big buttons, keyboard, mouse, network, wi-fi)
    • include MANY sub-projects / tasks - plenty for everyone!
    • Ongoing - long term - keep growing and maturing

First challenge = get it ready for Barcamp - something like:

  • big display board - with hardware mounted, labelled and made pretty
  • display pages of useful information/pictures/videos/noise about XinCheJian and projects/activities

More goals

    • Encourage everyone to be involved
    • People contribute ad-hoc - when ever they can
    • Self-organising - people document ideas and activity via this wiki, XinCheJian mailing list and github.
    • loosely organised / controlled
    • actively document and publish the work - in any language, including via code and circuit diagrams.....
      • so we know what is done/in progress/planned/....
      • so other (hackerspaces) can benefit or contribute
    • be actually useful to XinCheJian members and potential members
    • help promote XinCheJian - eg take to Barcamp etc
    • Contribute to "The space is the project" project.

Sub projects idea outlines

  • SpaceNew:= New member information - BIG BUTTON controls TV display of benefits, fees, how to join, what to do, what to do, what to do, what to do, .... Content just comes from XinCheJian wiki. CACHE LOCAL COPIES FOR OFF-LINE use at external events.
  • SpaceInfo:= XinCheJian publicity (in the space & for events) = big ***portable*** "pretty" display board with labels and hardware attached
  • SpaceFun:= Nabaztag = interactive - fun - noisy
  • SpaceOpen:= BIG BUTTON to control Space is open/closed
    • notifications to mailing list, twitter, weibo, weixin, ????
    • TV on and auto display of XCJ info and new member info
  • SpaceControl:= notify if lights or aircon left on, or link to space open/off adn actually control the lights & aircon/
  • SpaceID:= RFID - log/control member access Open Access Control software and hardware Hackerspace_Software
  • SpacePi:= learning Raspberry Pi and also management of all projects running on the Raspberry Pi.
  • SpaceRecovery:= backups of the Raspberry Pi and the "recovery" (restore) system
  • .....


Was thinking of using Arduino Nanode to give network & http access - because XCJ has some some kits. But now the SwarmRobot team Raspberry Pi prize has arrived. it is the newer "B" version so it has on board networking and is way more capable than an Arsuino.