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About XīnChēJiān Hackerspace

Xīnchējiān is a Hackerspace. Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places all around the world, where people can meet and have fun on their projects. XinCheJian, the first of many Hackerspaces in China, is one of the many hundreds Hackerspaces all around the world. Each Hackerspace is an autonomous entity, but they all share the same philosophy of having fun building things. An hackerspace is an environment where people can learn and tinker with technology, work in teams, participate in international competitions where many new opportunities can be found and created for all.

Xīnchējiān is a non-profit organization, it's mission is to support, create and promote physical computing, open source hardware and Internet of Things. To achieve this, XinCheJian has talks, discussions, projects, startups promotion, workshops, competition organisation and our own participation in international competitions…

Our long-term goal is to spread the concept and philosophy across China and inspire Hackerspaces in every large city from east to west.

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