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This is a list of all official cooperations of Xinchejian. If it is not listed here, it's not true.

How to Cooperate with Xinchejian

Xinchejian Staff Members decide on its cooperations. Please contact a staff member.

Current Organization Cooperations

Shanghai Library Cooperation (Shanghai Library)

  • Staff: David Li, Shanshan
  • Partner Contact:

Xinchejian is working together with Shanghai Library on a monthly workshop.

The cooperation started in 2013 and is ongoing.

DIYability (TheNestWorks)

Xinchejian is working on making toys for physically challenged children.

The cooperation started in 2014.

Green Electronics Challenge (TheNestWorks)

Green Electronics Challenge is a US-China makers event lead by New American Foundation, Slate, Arizona University, and Tsinghua Univ with critical partners including XinCheJian, Instructables, AutoDesk and TechShop.

The e-waste workshop in Shanghai is in collaboration with TheNestworks and lead by Iramantas and Leigh-Anne. The next event will work with Tongji Fablab in mid-May before the end of the green electronics challenge.

The cooperation is started in 2014.

Open Source Hardware Manufacturers

DF Robot

Dfrobot logo.jpg

Seeed Studio

SeeedStudioForWebsite02 x.gif

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