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A Hackerspace is an emergent organic organization, based on the pleasure and freedom of exploring while learning. Where creativity is valued and channeled through collaborative projects with some projects having global reach. A community garage open to all creators where people help and inspire each other. A space where the tools and the parts necessary to realize any dream are available. A place where action replaces talking, and collaboration replaces competition. Where real leaders can excel and change the world. An almost free (as in beer) and really free (as in freedom) learning system and experience based on discovery at individuals own pace.

What is a Hackerspace?

A Hackerspace acts as a community garage where people can come, have access to tools and work on their projects. The definition of hacker is here the original one: a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system.

There are hundreds of Hackerspaces all around the world, particularly in Europe and North America but as you can find out by visiting [hackerspaces.org], Hackerspaces are now in most major cities.

What makes Hackerspaces unique?

Central to Hackerspaces are these things: the physical space that anchors the community, the projects and ideas that inspire people and the tools necessary to do these projects.

The most important part of all are people coming together from a varied work and life background: engineers (mechanical, electrical, software), professionals, high school and university students, digital artists and hobbyists of all kinds.

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