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The XinCheJian network is managed by []. All root passwords are the same.


The main router is connector to the HeroCenter by network cable and provides DHCP for 10.0.10.x with DNS suffix .lan.

Static addresses granted:

  • zhima: Raspberry Pi for Member database and Door Opening + APIs
  • ponicwatch: Urban Farming Aquaponic Project controller


The server HAL is connected to the router by cable and running on The server is running iConn and provides linux/Windows virtual machines for everyone. Ask Staff for an account. HAL is not currently used.


The NAS Tubby is connected to the router by cable and running on Public user account xcj has the usual password imakestuff. You can find popular downloads in its public folder.


The router provides SSH tunnels to, a virtual machines outside of China. It has HTTP proxy on port 8888. To use this service it's sufficient to enable "Automatic proxy discovery". Check here for the proxy PAC file.


XinCheJian has 3 Wi-Fi networks:


Password: imakestuff

This is the main network on the 2.4GHz band for guests/visitors. It's running from the TP-link router near the main door.


Password: imakestuff

This hidden network is on the 2.4GHz band and running on a TP-link near the XCJ door and is provided as a backup to open the XCJ door in case the main router fails. This router also connects to the visitor XinCheJian network, so it's hardly ever necessary to connect to the router directly.


This network is running from the main router and running on the 5GHz band. It is meant to prioritize traffic for members (enforced by Bouncer.)

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