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XinCheJian hosts a lot of equipment you can use when working on your projects. Here, we want to let you know what we have, and how you can use it.


These are tools for working on electronics at Xinchejian.

Function generator.jpg
Function Generator
  • Lab Power Supplies



Drill press.jpg
Drill Press
  • Dremel
  • Jigsaw
  • Mini-Mill
  • Drill
  • Lathe
  • Hot glue gun

Development Boards

  • Community Arduinos [1] (OpenHardware Atmel microcontroller platform)
    • Arduino Duemilanove
    • Arduino Uno
  • PandaBoard: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 computer
  • Nanode Ethernet-enabled Arduino
  • 5VT 1610 development boards
  • Nexys3 Xilinx FPGA development board
  • Element14 & Freescale XL Star Development Board

3D Printing

3D Printers at Xinchejian are maintained by Xinfab

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting at Xinchejian is maintained by Xinfab

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