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If you're interested in getting started on building something, you've come to the right place.

How to Pay

  • Tell a Xinchejian staff member you would like to buy a kit.
  • Pay in cash!
  • Give the cash to the Xinchejian Staff member.
  • Xinchejian does not issue receipts or fapiao.

Arduino Starter Kits

ArduinoUno R3 Front 450px low.jpg
Learn more about Arduino

Kit or Part Price
Arduino Starter Kit

This is a great kit that has an Arduino Uno,
lots of sensors, LEDs, motors, and more
to get anyone interested in Arduino started on new projects.

250. 210 RMB!!
BoArduino Kit 100 RMB
"Getting started with Arduino" 45 RMB
Arduino Uno Board 140 RMB

Advanced Kits

Duncan kit 2012-11-15-18.07.46-2 600.jpg
Check out kits from Mitch Altman.
Check out Insectbot.

Kit or Part Price
TV-B-Gone 100 RMB
LED Cube 135 RMB
The Brain Machine 130 RMB
MiniPOV 130 RMB
Minty Boost 100 RMB
Mignonette DIY game console 150 RMB
Trippy RGB Wave Kit 55 RMB
TheNelson motor shield for Arduino 50 RMB
Arduino Duemilanove 140 RMB
Nanode 200 RMB
Ultrasonic Sensor 35 RMB
XinCheJian LED Pin 10 RMB


  • Parts Prices - If you need prices for small parts, look here.

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