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Now that you're a member of Xinchejian, what should you do?

Getting Started

  • Attend a workshop
  • Start on a project
  • Find some partners

Attend a workshop

Many people do not have the technical skills to start working on a project. This is very normal. Just remember that every person at Xinchejian once faced the exact same problem as you! All you need to do is get started. The best way to do that is attend a workshop.

Beginner Workshops

  • Arduino - This is the foundation for electronics hacking
  • Urban Farming - This is the foundation for aquaponics, hydroponics, and more
  • Programming
  • Other stuff

Start on a project

If you have a project idea, start working on it now! Create a wiki page on tell other people in the community what you're trying to do. If other people are interested, they'll join you.

  • Create a wiki page
  • Get the materials
  • Find collaborators

Other things to think about

  • Get safety training

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