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新车间 [Xinchejian] is a shared area where you can:

  • Hack, explore and learn new skills.
  • Work on your own and group projects.
  • Learn from and teach others. Share what you know.

We provide:

  • Shared spaces for people to work on their projects.
  • A place for you to leave your stuff when you're not working on it.
  • Shared equipment and resources and a place for you to share with others.
  • A safe and welcoming community of which you can be a part.

In order that the space be able to run effectively it's necessary to set some simple ground rules.

Every user of the space is required to carefully read and sign agreement to these rules before they will be allowed access and use of equipment and resources.

Access and Security

  1. I understand that whilst 新车间 [Xinchejian] will make every attempt to ensure the space is accessible 24 hours a day this is not guaranteed. My access to the space may be suspended or limited at any time. Any compensation for lack of access is at the discretion of 新车间 [Xinchejian]。
  2. I understand that any breach of these rules that is proven to the satisfaction of the Committee will result in immediate withdrawal of my access privileges. Any re-instatement is at the discretion of the Committee.
  3. I agree to undergo an induction before being permitted unsupervised access to the space, as required by WH&S regulations and policies.
  4. I agree that for security reasons I may be subject to video surveillance whilst accessing and using the space.
  5. I understand that any access device I purchase becomes my property, I assume full responsibility for its safekeeping and I will be required to purchase another if it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  6. I agree to immediately report any loss or theft of my access device to 新车间 [Xinchejian] so that appropriate steps can be taken to deactivate it.
  7. I understand that any unreasonable delay in reporting the loss or theft of an access device may make me liable for any loss or damage as a result of unauthorized use of that access device.
  8. I agree not to lend my access device to any other person or to permit any other person to enter the space except in compliance with the rules regarding guests.
  9. I agree to take responsibility for the security of the space, ensuring doors and windows are closed and locked as appropriate when the space is left unoccupied.
  10. I agree that anything that I place or store in the space is left there entirely at my own risk. I agree that, whilst 新车间 [Xinchejian] will make all reasonable efforts to secure the space, I will not hold 新车间 [Xinchejian] liable for any loss of, or damage to, any of my property.

Respect and Courtesy

  1. I agree to be considerate to other users of the space when using loud machinery, speaking loudly, playing music etc.
  2. I agree not to touch, utilize or tamper with any tool or piece of equipment that does not belong to me unless I have been invited to use it by the owner, or unless the owner has clearly identified that tool or equipment as being intended for shared use.
  3. I agree not to remove any tool or piece of equipment that does not belong to me without the explicit permission of its owner.
  4. I agree to compensate 新车间 [Xinchejian] for the full cost of repair or replacement of any furniture, fittings, tools or anything else that is lost or damaged as a result of any careless or negligent act on my behalf.
  5. I agree to keep the space reasonably tidy, placing trash in bins, putting furniture and equipment and tools back where they belong after using them, etc.
  6. 新车间 [Xinchejian] is a safe environment for people to learn and explore. I agree not to verbally or physically harass or assault any member in any way whatsoever.
  7. 新车间 [Xinchejian] is inclusive of anyone no matter who they are. I agree not to discriminate against any member on the basis of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexuality or anything else.

Workplace Health and Safety

  1. I agree not to utilize any tool or piece of equipment unless I am competent in its use (and have completed induction/training where necessary) or are under the direct supervision of a competent user.
  2. I agree not to utilize any tool or piece of equipment if I am adversely affected by alcohol, drugs, illness, fatigue or any other thing.
  3. I agree to complete a risk assessment, with the Xinchejian Staff, of any potentially hazardous procedure undertaken in the space. I will develop safe work practices, or make myself aware of any existing practices, before undertaking any such procedure.
  4. I agree to report all accidents, incidents or near misses to the Xinchejian Staff on duty as soon as possible. Any accidents, incidents or near misses should be formally documented.
  5. I agree that the space is a potentially dangerous environment and that I may be exposed to various risks as a result of work undertaken by me or others. Notwithstanding all reasonable attempts by 新车间 [Xinchejian]to ensure the safety of me and others, I agree to the full extent permitted by law to assume complete responsibility for my own actions and their consequences.
  6. I agree to immediately comply with any and all safety directions given to me by the Xinchejian Staff.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Activities

  1. I agree to take full responsibility for the legality or otherwise of any activities I perform in the space or using any equipment that is provided to me in the space.
  2. I understand that this agreement may be varied at any time by the Xinchejian Staff at its absolute discretion.
  3. I agree to be bound by any revised agreement so ratified.

For members under 18 years of age

  1. Parent or Legal Guardian Approval is required if member is under 18 years of age.
  2. For members under 18, the parent must agree to all of the terms and conditions herein on behalf of the child.
  3. I agree that 新车间 [Xinchejian] and its officers, to the full extent permitted by law, takes no responsibility whatsoever for my child whilst they using the space.
  4. I consent to my child being provided with an access device allowing them to access the space unsupervised 24 hours per day. I understand that whilst 新车间 [Xinchejian] may attempt to limit my child's access to the space these limitations are “best effort” and are in no way guaranteed.
  5. I assume full financial responsibility for any costs or damages incurred by my child in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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