Weekly Staff Meetings/2016-07-26

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Staff Meeting Notes 2016-07-26, 20:30 to 21:30
Staff: Ricky, Kevin, Andi, Paul
Notes: Chris

Props and Announcements

  • Sean, Tien, Eduardo and Ivan took off the dangerous shelf! Good job guys!!!
  • Good job on the posters Tien!
  • Chris came back!
  • Good job Ricky, Kevin and Andi for the fridge.

Past events

  • Coding Marathon

Coming Week's Events and Workshops

  • Video game design + PCB Design July 31
  • PCB design by Pual August 7
  • August 11th to 14th, Summer Camp for 17 kids
  • August 15th to 16th, Summer Camp for 20 kids
  • August 17th to 20th, Summer Camp for Eduardo and Alec?
    • fixing Arduino-workshop robots that MWC follow up
    • making a robot from scratch (170RMB cost), 280 RMB, 4 hours
    • marketing by Helen

Later Workshops

  • 3D modeling by Amanda: POSTPONED. software, fusion360, manufacturing and industrial design
  • July 16th: fixing robots workshops is canceled and July 23rd is kept
  • July 23rd or 24th, Rocket workshop about detecting water and air pollution

XinCheJian Budget

  • burning cash and not making cash
  • Alipay/Amanda: 3months of rent, WeChat/Freda:
  • 3 years commitment is up in May; renewal (money in the bank)
    • new space possible, but we still have a commitment in March. Depends on the condition of the space.
  • KEVIN to update after meeting with Chris this week


  • Rent paid until end of June.
  • New change from government affecting P2. From 7% to 11% on invoices for rent / property (VAT).
  • 7 months PURE BURN
    • This is the last 6 months we can pay, then Paul is out
    • More workshops
  • Could not do lump payment
  • NEED SPONSORS (3 SPONSORS to survive another 2 years (estimate))

Wednesday Open Night

HOST: Chris (Tien & Yu)

  • Jerry: robot
  • Kin: hellicpter simulator
  • Adele and Andrea: precious plastic
  • Teacher Huang

Membership Have Dropped Off

  • Roger suggests being a Nazi about checking if current members have paid their dues
    • INTERNS: asked members if they paid their dues, ask for email address
    • Chris says that the space is active enough, but there is a money issue from the low amount of membership fees collected every month
    • less people coming. more membership cost to raise? more sponsors needed?
  • Ricky suggests that we ask around how much people are willing to pay.
  • Chris suggests that set different level for different people.
  • 20,000 a month to run the space

XCJ Trademark

  • Chris and Paul to print and stamp documents after today's meeting
    • who is the legal contact for XCJ trademark: contact person
    • legal faren in China, new stamp at the bank
    • change legal faren from Paul to Ricky


Sponsorships updates:

  • Bosch: feels too much money
    • Paul asked for the equipment list - waiting for reply
    • Interns make list and make it into pdf
  • Google (Andi & Amanda have contacts)
    • no direct money sponsorships, GDG user groups community, free stuff?
  • Coca-cola (Eduardo)
    • first contact, looking for better contact
    • Coming this Wednesday.
  • Panasonic lead (Amanda): to work on sponsorships
    • 50K / 100K sponsorship
    • yes if we exchange media exposure, newspaper
    • opening a new lab in Pudong to advertise - media exposure
    • PR company? Eva @ Technode? Xinchejian.com?
    • MakerCarnival with sponsors, present at events, more media exposure (gold sponsorship level)
  • Foxconn (Paul): Meeting in person in July. Paul said they are not replying.
  • Huawei lead, Sonos, Coolpad (Nelson) Thanks!
  • iRobot: ANDI to follow up -- pitch in August. iRobot is setting up operations.
  • TO DO: What we did with the money for next sponsors.

CHRIS & KEVIN to work on the below:

  • Everyone feedback on retrospective for XinCheJian for last year
  • Check google docs for XCJ 2015 Events for retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments
    • Chris to add Wan Gang & mayor of shanghai photos to google doc -DONE
    • CHRIS to contact Amanda about Metro TV pics/vids - TO DO
    • ANDI to send video link to Chris to add to google doc - DONE
  • Brainstorming about sponsor pitch
    • Innovation training for company
    • A shelf in XCJ to present their products, test groups
    • Event in XinCheJian
    • Cooperation membership
    • Renting members for money
    • Referral for workshop leads. Per month is 10k.
  • find more corporate sponsorships
  • workshops: more workshops?
  • members: high-level memberships, another stakeholders round
  • universities: better fit with our own? looking for labs for their students?
  • marketing for get sponsorships: more efforts, close smaller brands

Hackerspace Convention

  • CHRIS proposes Hackerspace Convention for sharing best practices, building community of hackerspaces in China\
    • Audience - hackerspace space managers talk about what's working and what's not working. Cooperate companies need to pay for it.
    • Ask people from other countries to come and pay for this event.
    • PAUL to follow-up with David for hackerspace contacts
    • AMANDA and PAUL to follow up making a list of contacts. - 4 WEEKS TODO
    • China makerspace alliance

Labeling equipment

  • Labeling the equipment that are our own with our stickers APPROVED/TODO, done
  • Xinchejian: Stickers -- ANDREA to make stickers (small enough), done
    • Budget 400 RMB.. andi!!!! update!
    • ANDI TO DO THIS EIGHT WEEKS AGO...and counting
    • Andi has the digital version, will print it now

Staff Roles

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules Changes: rules_changelog

Box Management

  • CHRIS to check who has paid for boxes, those that are not paid for will be opened and claimed after 2 weeks (announce ultimatum at Wednesday night, wechat groups, etc). Done!
  • start renting boxes.

Xinfab-Xinchejian Relations

Space Safety


  • Enabling the individual members to call out individual safety first.
  • Call out safety to group, have a discussion, address objections.
  • if objections not addressed satisfactorily
  • XinCheJian safety goggles. Chris to take some goggles and put it in the space.
  • shelves that are not secure, we took one down already. Chris asks Sean to check other shelves.

Project Room

  • ROGER proposes hosting his project for beef aging system for the project room
    • move hydroponics and higher fridge, more floor space
    • ANDI says it would be OK if XCJ could keep the fridge and as long as it can take up the space that the urban farming area currently takes up, ROGER to follow-up with Haier to see if XCJ could keep the fridge
    • APPROVED: No more space used than currently used. We keep the fridge.
    • 3 months, documenting
    • Sean doesn't need the project room for now
    • Yu is going to follow up the document with Kin's project.
    • Andi wants to call it project in residence.
    • We want the project in the room to be documented.

Robots competition

  • Chris should get paid for time spent of it
  • Sponsorship of 10K RMB is for using logo, marketing channel and Chris time
  • Suggests to take the lead for XinCheJian event
  • Chris to ask them make the contract and get the feedback from staff members.


  • P2 to fix it.
  • Take the device off.


  • Staff agreed.
  • Paper and take picture and send them the email!