Relationship of Xinfab and Xinchejian

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This is the XinFab and Xinchejian Cooperation Draft. This is a draft and suggestions are welcome in this phase.

XinFab takes care of tool room "old machine room";

XinFab get new machines including:
		• CNC
		• Latle
		• Laser Cutter
		• Vinyl Cutter
		• Welding station
		• Plasma cutter
		• 3dprinters
		• hydraulic press
		• Metal folding press
		• various tools
		• any requests?

Xinfab will have one permanent staff to assist people on scheduled basis;

Xinfab will In a regular basis host workshops for the operation of selected machines;

The sustainability of XinFab would be thru:
		• the charge of memberships for members or a fee for spot use of machines (per hour). 
		• workshops
		• especial services like small scale production, prototyping

Types of memberships:

		• basic (simple machines like power-tools and etc "old machine room”)
		• advanced (more expensive and complex machines)

Member of XCJ would get a discount for XinFab tools room membership. Members of XinFab would also get discount to XCJ membership.

XinFab pays approximately 1700 RMB of XCJ's rent, already adjusted on the rent contract.

XinFab and XCJ are partners

XCJ can host workshops at Xinfab on agreed dates (the conditions for Xinfab are the same charged by XCJ on its own workshops)


MEMBERSHIP PRICES XINFAB opening prices from July 15 2014

Membership Types
' Amount per period
Monthly tools room for XCJ members only ¥20
Monthly full membership ¥200
6 months full Membership ¥1.000
12 months full Membership ¥1.900

hourly Machine usage rates for Members and non-members
' ¥ per hour (max 3 hours per day) ¥ per hour (after the 3rd hour)
Full Members ¥10 ¥30
Non Full Members ¥100 ¥130

Hourly Assistance Rates
' ¥ per hour (max 3 hours per day) ¥ per hour (after the 3rd hour)
Basic ¥60 ¥100
Expert ¥200 ¥250

3d Printing
' Amount per gram
Self service 3D printing (only for those who attended the workshop) ¥4
Assisted 3D printing (STL ready or not, person present and helping) ¥4 + assistance rates
3D printing Service (STL ready) ¥15
3D printing Service (no STL ready) ¥15 + assistance rates

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