Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-08-21

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* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 19:45
* Start time     : 20:00 
* End time      : 20:55 
* Staff Present  : Kevin, Freda, Min Lin, Lio, JQ, Ricky, Edward
* Others Present : Gilbert

Accomplishments (from last week)

  • iTalk/3D printing night - thanks Rockets (free 3D printer!), David!
  • New members day: thanks Valentin for the lead! Ricky for the presentation!
    • New members or All members? New, but All allowed.
    • Explitely add the new members to the calendar - Ricky
    • JQ to send mail to the new members for each event
  • Arduino workshop - thanks Paul, Spencer, Edward for the workshop! Paul, Min Lin and Sherry for Arduino kits assembly!
    • More money = good. The price is right.
    • Lots of No Show. Prepaid discount?
    • Pay for the host is OK. Exhausting though. Next one in 2 months. Edward TBD
    • Need better preparation. Hands out to follow are better.
    • Mornings are not busy: instead of two intensive days, do two mornings + homework for the next week. Same workshop over two weeks, two persons. (One guy joined for extracurriculum creds!)
    • Tape!


  • Min Lin : look into export orders for parts?
  • Paul: is moving stuff around, ordering things
    • rails are in, just needs to get installed and a case
  • Paul: to add DNS entry for camera
  • Jackie and Kevin: to send out the survey in the MailChimp
  • barcamp discussion (valentin) - time to tell kevin the plan
  • open/closing schedualing changes/updates
  • susans bamboo needs to be destroyed, contains a bug that eats only bamboo, cannot just be tossed


  • Arduino workshop - how was it? next workshop?
    • first day great, second day didn't cover everything as expected and overran time, some did stay and work on their own stuff
    • 5 no shows, 2 cancels, 8 showed up, 1 new member
  • Mini workshop

Main Issues

  • reclaiming our seats in G2C area as promised
    • Susan coming back tomorrow
    • off hours, we use them a lot

Upcoming Events / Projects (<= 4 weeks)

  • Max/MSP workshop - August 25th
    • Renting the middle room for workshop
    • minimum 12 signups, 15 max
    • http://www.benhouge.com/
    • August 25th
    • 420 RMB (not 450rmb)
    • Only 2 signed up on website so far
      • if we cannot get 8 people we'll have to cancel it, i've sent it off for translation

  • Roboracing Workshop 201208 - 25 Aug (Edward)
    • TODO: Edward to give a plan / update
    • NEED: Marketing help
    • line follower ready, SMD ready, half an hour assembly
    • whole workshop: 2 hours, 20 RMB cost -> 80 RMB
    • 4 signed up on website
  • Roboracing Event 201208 - 26 Aug (Edward)
  • fix the english and chinese price! - Edward
    • lutz is ordering the 500 piece
    • TODO: order parts
    • Lutz donated 150 boards. Free to Xinchejian members to buy one.
    • TODO: Edward to follow up
    • PRIZE: NEED A GOOD PRIZE (DFRobot, Seeedstudios): RMB300 to RMB400

Upcoming Events / Projects (> 4 weeks)

  • BarCamp Shanghai involvement (September 8th)
    • Ready to send out on the list
    • confirming venue tomorrow or Thursday (possibly Chengxue?)
    • bring hotspots
    • talks idea: Lophilo, Social Glasses, Minecraft, Urban farming
  • Presentation
    • Social Glasses - Valentin Gauffre
    • Urban Farming - Hydroponics - David Li
    • Secret Stuff -
    • Open source Lophilo - Ricky Ng-Adam
    • Robo Race -
    • Build a Line Follower Robot Workshop - they will provide dedicated area
    • Hacking on scene
    • Mobile Minecraft Booth -
  • New Members Orientation: next one Friday Sept. 21st
    • Free beers, soft drinks and chips
    • Group making activity
    • Announcement for new members
    • Leae, presentation
    • use video, schematic, livecast, etc
  • "Maker faire" (maker carnival) Shanghai - November 2nd to 4th (Friday - Sunday)
    • Location: Century Park, Pudong.
    • Exhibition, hackathon, workshops, guests from abroad
    • Need a lead! DF Robot needs help! interns! people! budget!
    • Goal: better than Beijing ;-)
    • Projects selection: need at least 40 projects in total
    • Workshops: at least 10
      • Soldering, ALF, LED heart, joule thief, swarm robot, useless machine, squishy circuits, Ardublock, insectbot
    • Sell DIY kits, t-shirts
  • The Magic Box (2m x 2m x 2m), Shanghai D-Week
    • Promotion starting September, event starts on Nov 1st
    • proposed to put a display there? present a project?


Operation Stuff

Membership and Staff

Xinchejian Websites

Xinchejian Space

  • Space Agreement 201207
    • TODO: Kevin to talk with Goodtochina and Transist
      • susan wants to sitdown with everyone, kevin objects
      • susan wants to clean up the space, paul objects to the overstepping/reaching in the area
      • susan wants to present on wednesday to "what the space is meant to be" - Paul objects

Legal and Financial

  • Financial Issues 201207 - Discussion
    • Sponsorship: Possible
      • NEED TODO: Make a presentation for sponsorship
    • TODO: Kevin to look at sheets.