Hackaday Video 201207

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Hack-a-day video

Hackaday has requested to get a video of Xinchejian Hackerspace.


  • Paul
  • Lio
  • Others



  • Recording date: July 14th or 15th
  • No time limit, can submit more than 1 video

Example Videos

Responsibilties and Roles

  • Director: Paul
  • Helper: Lio

Script Ideas

  • Standard version
    • Coming in from the corridor, show different projects on the shelves, show how to open machine room, show machine room, show junk box, show main area, people working on different projects will make quick 30 seconds elevator pitch, show resistors box, show soldering area, don't forget to show different camera signs ;-), show small meeting room, show hydroponics, show different kits and products that can be bought, talk about membership, staff members.
    • Pauls script [4]
  • Funny version
  • Make a musical version (like Bollywood musical)
  • People dressed up like scientist, artist, punk, business men, farmer, technician, student


  • 10 July 2012: Doing it today....