Valentin Gauffre

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Valentin Gauffre

Release status: unknown [box doku]

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Description Valentin Gauffre

Interaction Designer

  • French, from Brittany
  • Intern in a French Museum company, until the end of August 2012
  • Currently living in Shanghai since February 2011


(more or less involvement depending on the project ;) )

Social Glasses

Valentin's end-of-study project, currently developing a V2

3D Printing

In charge of fixing the First XinCheJian RepRap.

Swarm Robot Project

Design of 3D printed parts, general designs advice. Rehabilitation of various tools for this project (3D printer, vacuum forming machine)

TP-Link WR703N Hacks

Hack and install OpenWRT on this router faster than his shadow. (Writing of the related wiki page)

Project 'Beast'

No details yet.

XinCheJian Minecraft Server & Co.

Settings and management of the XCJ Minecraft server and plugins. Actively finding ways to connect this virtual world with real world thing.

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