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Official XinCheJian Server

To connect to our server, just launch your Minecraft client, and connect to ! The access is free (as long as we don't burn any computer)

Server Configuration

For now (4th July 2012), our server is set like the following:

  • 50 players max
  • Minecraft Server 1.2.5
  • Plugins:
    • Bukkit Server
    • ChestLock
    • ChatManager
    • Mailbox
    • ModifyWorld
    • Netstats
    • PermissionsEX
    • Residence
    • Vault
    • WeatherSync
    • WorldEdit
    • dynmap
    • IConomy
  • Server config:
    • Intel Core i3
    • 4Go RAM DDR3
    • Bandwidth: 10Mbps

Players Hierarchy

Each class have his own set of rules, and rights on the server:


The All-mighties, rulers of the undeads, masters of code, and settlers of the digital world. This class is limited to the people who actively manage the server, and the numerous plugins.


  • Access to everything (plugins and tools)
  • Not targeted by any mobs
  • Both Survival and Creative mode accessible (mostly in the Creative mode, flying everywhere to fix stuff)
  • Can do everything, and abuse it...


  • Nihaopaul (God of Chaos)
  • Skullheadinc (God of Order)


XinCheJian real staff members, as described in the page Staff members. Mostly non-players, can act as moderators and admins.


  • Access to all of the in-game tools and scripts
  • Not Targeted by mobs
  • Both Survival and Creative mode accessible
  • Can promote or demote other players.


XinCheJian members with higher ingame skills and knowledge. Either they show an exemplary respect of ingame rules, or they showed an impressive real-life self control after having drink more beers than some well-known XinCheJian members.


  • Access to basic construction scripts and tools
  • Targeted by mobs, except Creepers.
  • Both Survival and Creative mode accessible
  • Can promote other Members to Hacker; Cant't demote any player.


XinCheJian real members, who owned a membership in the real Hackerspace.


  • Access to tools, on demand
  • Targeted by every mobs
  • Survival mode, plus on-demand access to every materials (ask Gods!)
  • Can't promote or demote any player.

Honored Guest

Through they are not regular XinCheJian members, they once came by the Hackerspace to say 'Hi!'.


  • Access to tools, on demand
  • Targeted by every mobs
  • Survival mode. But sometimes Gods are grateful...
  • Can't promote or demote any player.


The basic status, when you join the game for the first time, and if don't belong to XinCheJian members or Honored Guests. Ask Gods or staff members to promote you if you are a member!


  • Access only to basic Minecraft functions.
  • Targeted by every mobs, except Creepers.
  • Limited Survival mode, without access to any existing items (no crafting), and no world interactions (You can't build or destroy anything)
  • Can't promote or demote any player.

Server Rules

Those rules are to be applied and respected on the server. Some of them are automatically run and applied by the server (and plugins), some of them by the admins and moderators:


The major rules. Don't grief or destruct other's constructions, or your rights will be reduced.

Town Rules

Some areas in the game are defined as 'town', through the fact that they more looks like villages. Town are basically the constructed areas, and any human-looking construction in the game.

Client modification

XinCheJian allow players using client modifications, such as x-ray vision, as long as those players don't disturb the playing experience of other players (Using damages modifications is not allowed) On a player's first violation, they may be subject to a maximum of a one-hour temporary ban. On a additional violations, the player may be subject to permanent banishment from the server.

Restricted Blocks and Items:

Lava, TNT, and fire usage are not allowed in Town areas, unless approved by a moderator or administrator. Any unobtainable items, such as bedrock, may not be used by non-admin players.


Spamming the chat, whether it be through private message, or the global chat, may result in punishment on the server. Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Using CAPS
  • Sending the same message repeatedly in a fairly short period of time
  • Typing gibberish


Discrimination against another player is a serious offence and may result in instant banishment from the server, depending on the severity.


Any player found to use any sort of exploit in the server, such as an item duplication glitch or an attempted player takeover, may be punished based on the severity of the exploit. In the case of the player takeover (using false servers to act on behalf of a player on this server), the player in violation will be permanently banned, and their IP address will be reported.

Protected Areas

Players may not degrade the landscape in any protected areas in the server, such as other player's houses, constructed areas. The world is big enough to find your own place!