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Setting up your Xinchejian email

Not every staff member wants a email address. But for those who do, it's quite easy to integrate it with your existing email (especially if you use Gmail). Please ask for an account if you want one.

Set Up Process email accounts are "Google Apps for Your Domain" accounts so you can set Gmail delegation to/from your regular Gmail account.

Send as:

  • Gear > Mail Settings > Account settings > Send mail as: in your
  • This will allow you to send Xinchejian mail from your gmail account

Receive as:

  • Gear > Mail Settings > Account > Forwarding and POP/IMAP in your account.
  • This will automatically forward mail from your Xinchejian account to your gmail account.

Using @xinchejian email

If you wish to have all groups email your brand new address, please notify with your new and old address.


  • We also recommend you use 2nd factor authentication (Google Authenticator) on both your personal account and xinchejian account.
  • Profile picture > Account settings > Account Overview > Security > Using 2-step verification