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Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description Server Thingy
Author(s)  Lio Lunesu

Hal hal hal.

  • https://hal/
  • Access this through Xinchejian Members network.


iConn product, generously donated to Xinchejian from Owtware. Lio was able to get this as a donation from Owtware, where he previously worked.

What it can do

  • Create virtual machines for any operating system.
  • Allow members to use IT resources at Xinchejian without directly modifying local machines.

Getting Access

  • Contact a staff member about getting a username and password.
  • Once you have access, you can have your own virtual machine at Xinchejian.

What Hal should control

  • Hal should be default system on the donated machines from Autodesk.

Development Plan (2015)

Stable Windows 7 images

  • Autodesk software installed:
  • Arduino IDE installed

Alternative images

  • itunes installed (to play music)

Onboarding process for all new Xinchejian members

  • Ability for them to use it.

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