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Frequently Asked Questions - This is a list of frequently asked questions about Xinchejian.


Most Popular Questions

What is Xinchejian?

Xinchejian is a hackerspace. Hackerspaces are communities of makers and hackers that are interested in physical computing, Internet of Things, and generally building things.

Learn more - Wikipedia entry on hackerspace.

How do I join Xinchejian?

Xinchejian members are the most intelligent and creative people in Shanghai, or at least Yuyuan road. We have a very difficult and complicated application process.

First, you must give a Xinchejian staff member your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • 100 RMB (for one month membership)

Read more here: Xinchejian Membership

Can my company or organization cooperate with Xinchejian?

In general, Xinchejian does not generally do co-operations with companies. Xinchejian is pretty busy organizing its own workshops and events.

However, Xinchejian does accept money if there are no strings attached. Please see Sponsorship.

If you are a non-profit organization, and want to run a non-profit workshop, talk to one of our staff members (staff@xinchejian.com). We can't promise anything, but we'll think about it.

Who is the boss or leader of Xinchejian?

There is no boss or leader of Xinchejian. Xinchejian is a community organization that is governed by its volunteer staff members. Please do not ask to speak to the leader of Xinchejian. We'll punch you.

More specifically, Xinchejian is an autonomous collective, and governed by the core principles of Do-ocracy (not to be confused with Doocracy. Xinchejian is not an anarcho-syndicalist commune.

Just to clarify, David Li is not the boss of Xinchejian. David Li is one of the cofounders of Xinchejian. Amanda Ma is a staff member of Xinchejian.

How does Xinchejian make money?

Xinchejian is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. It is financially supported by membership fees and sponsorship from companies.

Please do not propose a financial cooperation with Xinchejian. It will be rejected.

Who owns Xinchejian?

Legally, Xinchejian is a Chinese company with a legal representative. In principle, Xinchejian is not "owned" by anyone. Xinchejian is run by its staff members.

Please do not propose a financial cooperation with Xinchejian. It will be rejected.

Questions about HACKERSPACES

What is a hackerspace?

Hackerspaces are physical locations where people who are interested in physical computing, Internet of Things, and more are able to meet and work on projects together.

Can I takes pictures or video of Xinchejian?

If you are a member of Xinchejian, you are free to take photos. However, you must be respectful of other people's intellectual property, so please ask before taking photos of their projects. Please do not also take pictures of people without their consent -- that would be rude and creepy.

What is the relationship between Xinchejian and Hero Center?

People Squared is a coworking space, and the Hero Center is just one of its locations. Xinchejian is a tenant inside the Hero Center. People Squared is Xinchejian's landlord.

If you're curious, find out more about People Squared.

I came to visit the Hero Center. Can I take a few pictures of Xinchejian too?

You can take photos from outside of Xinchejian.

Questions about COOPERATION

Can I run an event at Xinchejian?

If you are a maker, and would like to teach people how to build something, please write an email to staff (staff@xinchejian.com) with your idea.

If you are a company, and would like to run a workshop showcasing your product, please write an email to staff (staff@xinchejian.com) with your idea. Please understand that we charge a higher rate for corporate sponsored events.

If you would like to speak at a Xinchejian event, please write to wednesday@xinchejian.com, with your speaking topic. Please read our Wednesday guidelines for more details.

Is Xinchejian interested in moving to a new location?

No. Thanks for asking. We are very happy where we are right now.

Please consider being a financial sponsor.

Is Xinchejian interested in running a company hackathon / startup event?

No. Thanks for asking.

Can xinchejian help us set up a space like Xinchejian?

No. We're flattered that you think we are a good model to follow. Become a member of Xinchejian, and watch what we do. Then do it better, and do it yourself.


Can Xinchejian help me build my device / product?

No. You can come to Xinchejian and build it yourself. Thanks for asking.

If I develop a product at Xinchejian, will xinchejian be able to help me commercialize it?

No. Sorry about that.

Maybe someone will help you, but Xinchejian does not provide any services like this.

Can I borrow Xinchejian tools?

No. Sorry about that.

I have developed a product. Do you know some VCs who might be interested?

No. Good luck with that though.

I just joined xinchejian membership. Can I get an access card?

We're working on something to help you get access to Xinchejian. Unfortunately, right now, access cards are not so easy for us.

Questions about MEMBERSHIP

How do I join Xinchejian?

Joining Xinchejian is easy. Find a staff member, and pay your membership fee.

  • 1 month membership fee: 100 RMB
  • 6 month membership fee: 450 RMB

Xinchejian Membership

My friend is a Xinchejian member. He said I could attend on his behalf. Is that ok?

No. Your friend is a Xinchejian member. You are not a member.

How do I become a staff member?

Active members of Xinchejian that are interested in taking a more active role in the management of Xinchejian can apply to be Staff.

Questions about STAFF

Who are the staff members of Xinchejian?

Please see a list of our present staff members.

Who are the people behind Xinchejian?

Please see a list of our present staff members.

Questions about other stuff

I want to rename Xinchejian's fish. Is this possible?

Harvey is aggressive and does not want a trans-gender neutral name. Yes, we asked her.

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