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gone out - 12:00 Wednesday

Every Wednesday XinCheJian hosts the Xinchejian Wednesday Open House. This is a chance for people to give interesting presentations on projects that they're working on. If you would like to give a presentation at the Wednesday Open House, please read the presenter guidelines, and contact us on wednesday@xinchejian.com

Summary for Wednesday, 18 July 2012


  • Richard Summers, W+K - Multiple Projects
  • Freda, XinCheJian - Pet Abandonment Project

Upcoming Events

  • New Members Orientation Party on Friday, 20 July.

Wednesday Presenters

Richard Summers Richard Summers longs to live next to the ocean and from the people upstairs (W+K). He will be giving a talk on past and future projects, and his goal of blurring the line between reality and virtual reality. He's worked on a few projects:

  • Large scale pinhole photography
  • Photosynthesized Easter eggs

with his latest initiative

  • Project: "High Tide"

Freda 冯佳 Freda will be talking about an initiative to deal with pet issues. Many people view pets in this way: "A pet is for Christmas and not for life". She wants to tackle the problem of abandonment and mistreatment of pets, and she'll be soliciting your ideas on this subject.

  • Pet abandonment project

Are you interested in giving a talk? Write to us at wednesdays@xinchejian.com.

Upcoming Events

New Members Orientation Party

  • 2012/07/20 Friday 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • This is a party for all members. We hope new members will come to learn more about the space and how to get involved.
  • Please RSVP to let us know you're coming! wednesdays@xinchejian.com

Arduino入门工作坊 (针对无电子和编程经验的人)

轻巧巡线小车工作坊 - Analog line follower workshop

机器车竞赛 - Roboracing Competition

About XinCheJian

XinCheJian is a community-run hackerspace located in the heart of Shanghai. Our mission is to support technology projects through talks, discussions, projects, and competitions. We are a non-profit community-based organization, and your support is appreciated!

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今晚的新车间周三开放日活动将如期举行,演讲者们会聊聊各自正在进行的项目。如果你也有兴趣和大家分享你的创客项目,欢迎随时联系新车间 wednesday@xinchejian.com;同时你也可以通过网页了解更多有关周三开放日及演讲者活动 - presenter guidelines



  • Richard Summers, 来自W+K公司(Weiden+Kennedy,中文名称"维登•肯尼迪") - 多个项目介绍
  • 冯佳 Freda,新车间会员 - 关注被遗弃宠物

本周演讲者介绍 =

"""Richard Summers""" 人生致高理想是避开人群住在海边的Richard Summers来自W+K,希望他的作品能模糊现实与虚拟现实的界限。 今晚他为大家分享众多项目及规划,包括完成时,现在进行时以及将来时的种种 - 大规模真空摄影 - 光合作用的复活节彩蛋 - 正在筹备中的新项目"涨潮"

"""冯佳Freda""" 有不少人认为饲养宠物只是玩玩的,是一时的兴起。就此话题,Freda想和大家聊聊她的创客项目,希望能唤起并提高公众对被遗弃的猫猫和狗狗的关爱。大家都来给她加油吧。 - 关注被遗弃宠物

有兴趣在周三开放日里和大家说说你的想法吗?欢迎随时联系我们: wednesdays@xinchejian.com



  • 2012/7/20 (本周五),晚7点到9点
  • 欢迎所有新车间会员;希望新加入的成员可以进一步了解新车间并开始你的创客生涯
  • 由于场地大小有限,请前来参加的童鞋提前告知工作人员 wednesdays@xinchejian.com

Arduino入门工作坊 (针对无电子和编程经验的人)

轻巧巡线小车工作坊 - Analog line follower workshop

机器车竞赛 - Roboracing Competition