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Guidelines for Wednesday Open House Talks at Xinchejian

The Xinchejian Wednesday Open House Talks is a free meetup organized by XinCheJian to present new ideas, discuss them, and meet people who are interested in DIY / hacking.

Schedule for the Wednesday Open House Talk

  • 7:00 PM: Xinchejian opens
  • 7:30 PM: Presentations start
  • 8:00 PM: Presentations finish, free discussion and networking

In general, there will be 3 presentations.

For Presenters

Presentation Requirements

  • If you are interested in presenting, please email: wednesday at xinchejian dot yar!
    • Contact us before Tuesday 12:00 Noon - thanks Jonas for pointing this out!
    • keep an eye here, we're trying to get the newsletter out even earlier!
  • Please send us:
    • Personal profile
    • Short description of your project (< 300 words)
    • Presentation slides

Presentation Rules

  • PRESENTATION TIME LIMIT: 9 MINUTES MAXIMUM (when going over you may be heckled)
  • No live Animals
  • Slides: 10 slides maximum
  • Language: Chinese or English. Either is OK.

Presentation Recommendations

  • Discussions happen after presentations
  • Please try to have bilingual slides if possible (not required, but helps).
  • Our audience likes:
    • Real projects and achievements. Also mistakes and pitfalls.
    • Practical tips for making
    • Cool honest stuff! Dirty inner workings. Rough is OK.
    • Just be yourself. We like hackers / engineers / programmers / developers / designers / students / musicians / unemployed
    • Demos!
    • Diagrams
    • Pictures and videos (short ones; don't spend more than 30s on each segment)
  • Our audience does not like:
    • Being bored.
    • Corporate advertisements.
    • Theoretical research.

Our audience is a mix of designers and engineers, expats and locals.

On-Site Equipment

  • Projector (VGA) - if you need a mini display port please warn us
  • Speakers
  • Let us know if you need something more

For Staff

Wednesday Night Setup