Weekly Staff Meetings/2016-11-08

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Staff Meeting Notes 2016-11-08, 20:06
Staff: Chris, Paul, Eduardo, Freda, Roger, Andi, Sol
Notes: Paul

Props and Announcements

  • Eduardo and Andrea (wife) cleaned the space
  • William, Eduardo, Andi, Precious plastic team were at Barcamp.
  • Roger organized the 2nd biolab meetup - 2 new members

Past events

  • 2nd Biolab meetup - 6 people showed up, last minute advertising didn't help. Next 4 weeks, will take over the table at the back. 4 weeks goals.
  • Solidworks workshop - 4 people showed up, 2nd to last workshop
  • Plant water system - three signed up, pushed to 20th.
  • Barcamp - not too many people, 40% drop
  • Robot arm - 4 people signed up.

Coming Week's Events and Workshops

  • Alan Stafford: Unity class, two people signed up on meetup. Nobody paid yet.
  • NYU student: MATLAB - no one signed up
  • Jonathan: Python workshop preparing
  • Eduardo smart watch workshop (350 RMB for buying the watch) sat/sun 26/27 - position to learn to solder
  • Henry: Friday night robot meetup, starts from 09/11/2016
  • Coderbunker/XinCheJian: Unity / Robot integration workshop
  • TBD: Follow up PCB workshop by Paul

Wednesday Open Night

HOST: Chris

  • Cedric: interARTivity
  • Alan: Beer making machine
  • Teacher Huang


  • Alipay name is wrong on Huodongxing, so account can't be transferred. Talked to their employee there, she asked us to send the email to their service. Haven't gotten reply yet. - uploaded freda id card, waiting on confirmation to change phone and email address.


Sponsorships updates:

CHRIS & KEVIN to work on the below: (7 weeks late)

  • history timeline from the beginning (nothing from Ricky)
  • XinCheJian at Crystal Galleria
    • Pay Chris for the organization
    • May sponsor us, allow us to put posters
    • Get 15% from the projects there for referral
    • Do more outreach to people that don't about XinCheJian
  • Need more articles: That's Shanghai, City Weekend
  • Silent Auction, when?
    • Geeky.. book time? dinner with chris? roger in an outfit?
    • Entrance to event?
    • buy an old iMac!

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules Changes: rules_changelog

Space Safety (8 weeks no incidents)

  • Bandsaw, turns on, magnetic switch needs to be replaced.
  • Enabling the individual members to call out individual safety first.
    • Call out safety to group, have a discussion, address objections.
    • if objections not addressed satisfactorily
    • Enforce safety workshop usage
  • Ban for people that present a risk as collectively assessed

Physical security also include making sure we don't get things stolen

Xinfab-Xinchejian Relations


  • workshops are 50% / 50% split of workshop
  • lasercutter is broken (acrylic caught on fire, belt is burned)
  • belt sander is broken (belt needs to be changed)

XinCheJian Kids Club

  • make a decision internally before the end of November
  • Teach more kids
    • ROGER gives Freda the template.
    • from 5 years old to 16 years old (afterschool)
    • Chris is to help with budgeting
      • decision to be voted on the 22nd of November or we pass on the space.

KEVIN to send the notes for the governance issue

Xinchejian Cleanup

Planned date: Sunday November 13th!! Time: 2PM

whenever Sunday available for cleanup (we have a XinCleanJian)

  • One centralized location for packages
  • Set a date to make a seasonal cleanup
  • Buy a big trash can
  • Set simple rules parameters
    • floor, tables, chairs, workstations must be cleared
  • putting the chairs up to ceiling?

XinCheJian Online Shop shop.xinchejian.com

Proposal: online shop full of cool ideas

  • From makers to makers
  • Projects BY members (XinCheJian Members)
  • Need to have a profile
  • Disclaimer: project are not owned by XinCheJian, projects are by members
  • Customized logo "XinCheJian Member" (Andi)


  • Use the wiki: shop.xinchejian.com
  • Physical store: use the shelves (demo product + profile)

Roger sent Wiki stuff to staff, no reply

  • wants to name the products
  • clean up project shelf
  • throw away old shit
  • add new products there