Weekly Staff Meetings/2016-08-30

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Staff Meeting Notes 2016-08-30, 20h00 to 21h30
Staff:  Paul, Kevin, Freda, Chris, Andi, Eduardo, (Roger late)
Notes: Ricky

Props and Announcements

  • $$$ Summer Camp! $$$ -> 30K
  • Big staff meeting
  • Paul took the vacuum that blocking the door
  • Eduardo cleaned the trash under the table

Past events

  • Kin's helicopter lecture didn't go well. 1 signed up, 1 on Meetup
    • difference between helicopter vs plane, context, generic

Coming Week's Events and Workshops

  • Sep 3 and 10, VR and painting
  • Sep 10th: IoT in XinCheJian (Saturday the 10th, 14h-18h); visiting hacker Michael
  • Sep 18th: hydroponics (Roger)

Later Workshops

    •  ??: Following PCB workshop by Paul
    •  ??: Router with VPN by James

Wednesday Open Night

HOST: Chris

  • The secret of router by Shenjie
  • Intern's projects and experience sharing (Tien)
  • Prof Huang


  • Payment for workshop:
    • Yoopay ("free" to host free event)
    • Huodongxing: 3% (actually 2% transaction, plus WeChat transaction 1%) = 3%
    • WePay? Official account needed, input numbers for corporate company (Chris to look into it)
  • Ask for more workshops in the space from the members and schedule them on calendar
    • 80% of the revenues for the workshop from the space
    • fill in September and October (TODO Chris 3 weeks)

XCJ Trademark

  • Amanda said our logo is too common, possibly cannot possibly be registered possibly (800RMB)
  • Nelson designed by Nelson, refined by Paul
  • 新车间 (too common, dictionary word)
  • Agent said the some company has similar logos already
  • But we say that we need to push him and also get the feedback from them.
  • Ardublock is not registered: mention to David & Heqichen


  • A: try to do the registration (VOTED)
  • B: redesign logo
  • C: drop the logo

Amanda to create group WeChat and Chris with Agent


Sponsorships updates:

  • Bosch (Kevin): still no follow up, probably (probably pricing, wants free)
  • Coca-Cola (Eduardo)
    • Coca-Cola Corporate
      • PreciousPlastics: waiting for research lab (holiday)
      • XinCheJian: innovation session
      • XinCheJian: logos
    • Coca-Cola Holding (bottling)
      • innovation session for 3d printing
      • four experts from XinCheJian have made the team: (Alex/Gambit/2d notice, Alec/Design thinking)
      • renting the space (4 hours), daytime (gravy): 25K for XinCheJian space + instructors fee
  • Huawei lead, Sonos, Coolpad (Nelson)
  • iRobot: ANDI to follow up -- pitch in August. iRobot is setting up operations.
  • TO DO: What we did with the money for next sponsors.

CHRIS & KEVIN to work on the below: (4 weeks late)

  • history timeline from the beginning (model from Ricky)

Hackerspace Convention

  • Shanghai Barcamp: November 5th

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules Changes: rules_changelog

Space Safety

  • Enabling the individual members to call out individual safety first.
    • Call out safety to group, have a discussion, address objections.
    • if objections not addressed satisfactorily
    • Enforce safety workshop usage
  • Ban for people that present a risk as collectively assessed

Post request in WeChat group to pay careful attention to anything dangerous in the space.

Project Room

Xinfab-Xinchejian Relations


  • ShopVac: trash/recycle the parts - TODO for PreciousPlastic
  • Trash from XinFab ends up at XinCheJian: OK, last option to decide
  • No more calliper in XinCheJian? Wasn't one of those a donation from Michael?
  • No more lasercutter/3d printing workshops as we don't think we're getting a fair deal
  • Inventory of the things that are XinCheJian (stickers from Andi), especially big parts like 3d printers (15K of equipment depreciated)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coca-Cola proposal


  • PreciousPlastic to be funded (they already have a budget they'd like to cover)
  • XinCheJian to get additional funds either directly or through well-funded corporate workshops around projects like PreciousPlastic
  • Always consider resources costs when offering Coca-Cola as XinCheJian (better to commit members first, offer what they already work on)


  • XinCheJian has well defined sponsorships levels and rules
  • XinCheJian is a community, a platform: we don't own members projects so we can't act as gatekeepers
  • Encouraged to include XinCheJian members proposals next to Xinchejian standard sponsorship options

Sponsorships alternatives

  • Explore promote engineering from Coca-Cola (material science, basic research, drinks research)
  • XinCheJian space logo proposal: standard 1 year -> 100K (sell the ability for the community to come up with cool projects like PreciousPlastic)
  • Diana wants less of a marketing campaign and more an actual engineering solution that makes sense ecologically (taking into account energy use)
  • For marketing, may be referred to the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Need to send a follow up email:

  • different sponsorships options above
  • PreciousPlastic budget & proposal: "how do I eat it?"
    • Commit to participate to exhibitions
    • Forward information about the media coverage
    • Forward information about past exhibition statistics

Sponsorship brainstorming

French TV media

  • entrepreneurship interview in XinFab, please notice the community WeChat

Freda's XinCheJian Kids Club

  • Teach more kids
    • to learn how to use machine
    • learn how to use electronics
  • XinCheJian Taobao (selling kits for kids)
    • paying workshops (150RMB to 300 RMB for 1 hour)
    • first workshop: squishy circuits
    • from 5 years old to 16 years old (afterschool)
  • First workshop
    • survey market & look at workshop
    • how much does the instructor need to be compensated
    • how much does the space cost? (profit to XinCheJian)
    • how much are we selling it for?

Hydroponics (with survey)

  • feel like it should be cleaned up
  • too big, no plans, no plants
  • efforts not to get outside boundary
  • 8 weeks crash course on hydroponics
  • presentation (Thursday) and documentation
  • new things innovations vs things that are working
  • take pictures and send Roger pictures of the issues

Electricity bills:

  • windows opens and doors opens
  • aircon running at night

Amanda Retired Staff

  • Amanda: invoking the rule on herself about staff attendance (too much on her plate)
  • Won't be able to join due to:
    • Hardwired (education, workshops, lessons): Xinzha/Xikang road
    • Hongqiao Hackerspace Lab42 (incubator, paid 8 persons, hardware design startups)
  • Chris is doing a good job and attendance
  • Retired from staff, invitation to come to new space
  • Funds transfer to new Alipay account
    • multiple manager for the same account