Weekly Staff Meetings/2016-08-16

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Staff Meeting Notes 2016-08-16, 18:00 to 18:40
Staff:  Eduardo, Chris, Freda, Ricky
Notes: Ricky

Props and Announcements

  • $$$ Summer Camp! $$$

Past events

  • Summer Camp
    • August 11th to 14th, Summer Camp for 17 kids
    • August 15th to 16th, Summer Camp for 20 kids

Coming Week's Events and Workshops

    • August 17th to 20th, Summer Camp for Eduardo and Alec

Later Workshops

Wednesday Open Night

HOST: Chris

  • Kin's student: talking about the journey for helicopter flight
  • Wang Hai Ho: Water purifier
  • Rocket: Maker Carnival
  • Prof Huang


  • Ask for more workshops in the space from the members and schedule them on calendar
    • 80% of the revenues for the workshop from the space
    • fill in September and October

XCJ Trademark

  • AMANDA to file the registration (not yet picked up, 3 weeks)


Sponsorships updates:

  • Bosch (Kevin)
    • wants to rent the space to host innovation UX workshop
    • hosts 50 persons in XinCheJian with chairs a day
    • 50K RMB a day, 100K RMB before (charged DHL before)
  • Coca-Cola (Eduardo)
  • to follow up with email
  • Panasonic lead (Amanda): to work on sponsorships
    • 50K / 100K sponsorship
    • yes if we exchange media exposure, newspaper
    • opening a new lab in Pudong to advertise - media exposure
    • PR company? Eva @ Technode? Xinchejian.com?
    • MakerCarnival with sponsors, present at events, more media exposure (gold sponsorship level)
  • Huawei lead, Sonos, Coolpad (Nelson)
  • iRobot: ANDI to follow up -- pitch in August. iRobot is setting up operations.
  • TO DO: What we did with the money for next sponsors.

CHRIS & KEVIN to work on the below: (4 weeks late)

  • Everyone feedback on retrospective for XinCheJian for last year
  • Check google docs for XCJ 2015 Events for retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments
    • CHRIS to contact Amanda about Metro TV pics/vids - Amanda said we never had it.

Hackerspace Convention

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules Changes: rules_changelog

Space Safety

  • Enabling the individual members to call out individual safety first.
    • Call out safety to group, have a discussion, address objections.
    • if objections not addressed satisfactorily

Post request in WeChat group to pay careful attention to anything dangerous in the space.

Safety waiver

  • Chris: Paper and take picture and send them through email!

Project Room

  • TODO: We want the project in the room to be documented!
  • TODO: waiting for the editing of video from Yu

Xinfab-Xinchejian Relations


  • ShopVac: trash/recycle the parts - TODO for PreciousPlastic
  • Trash from XinFab ends up at XinCheJian: OK, last option to decide
  • No more calliper in XinCheJian? Wasn't one of those a donation from Michael?
  • No more lasercutter/3d printing workshops as we don't think we're getting a fair deal
  • Inventory of the things that are XinCheJian (stickers from Andi), especially big parts like 3d printers (15K of equipment depreciated)

Underneath table garbage

  • TODO Chris & Eduardo: looking at it for solution, please advertise to WeChat group to find out who's equipment this is.

Coca-Cola proposal


  • PreciousPlastic to be funded (they already have a budget they'd like to cover)
  • XinCheJian to get additional funds either directly or through well-funded corporate workshops around projects like PreciousPlastic
  • Always consider resources costs when offering Coca-Cola as XinCheJian (better to commit members first, offer what they already work on)


  • XinCheJian has well defined sponsorships levels and rules
  • XinCheJian is a community, a platform: we don't own members projects so we can't act as gatekeepers
  • Encouraged to include XinCheJian members proposals next to Xinchejian standard sponsorship options

Sponsorships alternatives

  • Explore promote engineering from Coca-Cola (material science, basic research, drinks research)
  • XinCheJian space logo proposal: standard 1 year -> 100K (sell the ability for the community to come up with cool projects like PreciousPlastic)
  • Diana wants less of a marketing campaign and more an actual engineering solution that makes sense ecologically (taking into account energy use)
  • For marketing, may be referred to the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Need to send a follow up email:

  • different sponsorships options above
  • PreciousPlastic budget & proposal: "how do I eat it?"
    • Commit to participate to exhibitions
    • Forward information about the media coverage
    • Forward information about past exhibition statistics

Sponsorship brainstorming