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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-03-15, 20:40 to 22:00
Staff: Chris, Paul, Roger, Kevin, Andi, Min Lin, Ricky, Amanda
Special Guests: Valentin, Edward
Notes: Ricky

Props and Announcements

  • Props Alec successful workshops

Past Week's Events

  • Game design workshop, 26 people showed up, Kevin and Jane from naked discovery were here too.

Coming Week's Events and Workshops =

Later workshops

  • VPN workshop - Lucas (after Barcamp)
  • How to Use Machine Room Workshop by Xinfab and Chris - Put off till April
  • Hydroponics - Roger (April)
  • Painting - Lu Feng (after Barcamp, Sunday April 3rd)

Sean Proposal to Revive XinCheJian Arduino Workshops

  • Propose to buy cheap Linux laptops,​on the order of 800­ to 1000 rmb​ each, which can be set up with all the same version of Arduino and will have no driver or compatibility issues. He will purchase ​one of these laptops at my own expense before advertising the workshop, to ensure that it is suitable. These laptops will not have any games on them, and perhaps not even internet connectivity. Arduino docs could be included in offline format.
  • alternatives:
* consensus out
* kick out students that are playing
* students that are interested will need the laptop
* liability to maintenance 
  • He suggests raising the minimum age to 12 years old, and starting with a first workshop or two which simply cover how the breadboard and basic components work, without the distraction of the Arduino. (up to the workshop organizer)

High school Hackathon Support

Was AGREED and APPROVED today.

Summer Camp Promotion


FMB-Lite Robot Competition

Was REJECTED except for:

  • Tech support: give advice to competitors about their projects. Budget: 5000 RMB.
    • possible if we find someone to handle it
    • found 2 persons to do it and getting paid
    • remind no advertising using XinCheJian name (representing themselves)

Wednesday Night Live?

  • Our Spanish member - Eduardo would like to put XinCheJian open night on Youtube, so people from different country can watch it.
    • It'll be on his personal Youtube account.
  • to follow up: Would be great if it was uploaded under xinchejian account, can give access to xinchejian to him and full credit no problem, just it goes into history or xinchejian.
  • CC-BY-SA license to XinCheJian
  • TODO(RICKY): to create official channel to Youtube


  • Do we need to buy a new router?
  • TODO(RICKY): to choose and buy!
    • ricky.. where is it? doh

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Chris
  • Announcement: Chris (newsletter), Chris (WeChat)


  • Qu Tiancheng: software development
  • RIKAI Labs: english learning chatbot (DO NOT PITCH, send the presentation deck first)
  • Teacher Huang: Physics demo
  • One of Valentin's sensors workshop to present their work (connect all the hackerspaces together); designers & engineers
* more groups in the upcoming weeks

Hackerspace Work

Future of HAL

  • Paul to reinstall the machine and put docker on it
  • Kevin not heard from DFROBOT. KEVIN to ask again.
    • Kevin update: "We already have the machine in office and under test, working on what products to put in it, you'll have it soon, xcj to take 40%"

Problems this Week


  • Kevin to talked to mini:
* this whole area is not ok for bicycles and scooters except if property management (with registration sticker)

Staff Roles

    • IT: Ricky Ng-Adam, Paul Adams
    • SPONSORSHIP (Partnerships, Cooperations, Sponsorships): Kevin Chen
    • VISUAL, Pictures, XinConnect - Andrea Carlon
    • PARTY & BBQ: Roger Mu
    • MACHINES AND PARTS: Paul Adams
    • FINANCE: Treasury
    • MEMBERSHIPS: Manage memberships,
    • MARKETING: Communications, PR
    • SPACE ORGANIZATION: Machines and parts, space itself
    • INTERNAL EVENTS / WORKSHOPS: Events and Workshops
    • Everyone works with Space Manager

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules rules_changelog

Xinchejian Anniversary Party Birthday #5? - March 26th 2016

  • ROGER to organize
  • Budget - 2500 RMB
  • Theme -
  • Level 1: "Get people drunk"
  • Level 2: Roger to present this next week
    • update: 2555rmb updated cost
    • no cakee
    • roger to keep it under 2500
    • bigger epic Sake container
  • Andi to setup new speakers for the party and microphone

Barcamp, March 26th

  • XCJ to promote in newsletter and wechat

Group Picture of Staff

  • Do it XinCheJian anniversary party (March 26)
  • ANDREA must do it. Will bring lighting.

Food Party

  • PAUL to get the oven back from Amanda for next week
    • Amanda agreed, before the staff meeting

Wiki Staff Profiles

Required profile page on wiki for all staff.

XinFab - Relationship



  • XinConnect is live! Still a few graphical stuff to fix but is functional.
  • http://xinconnect.xinchejian.com - New Xinconnect platform thingy.
  • Just use it, and experiment.
    • xinconnect.xinchejian.com does not work yet!!!!!!


XCJ trademark

  • PAUL: Waiting on Paul. Paul print, sign and chop! (five weeks not done in a row)



  • Google: ANDI: Update? potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)

Sponsorship Presentation

Chris & Kevin to work on the below:

  • Staff to come up with retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments
    • update events
    • new goals
    • media updates/coverage
      • Wan Gang & mayor of shanghai
  • goals for 2016
    • what did we do for the money we raised.
  • on going projects
    • Chris - some event once a year
    • Chris - invite other hacker spaces to shanghai
    • Kevin - training people about hackerspaces
    • Paul - one big party
    • Chris - bring everyone together to work on something.

Proposal TODO

  • Communication plan - APPROVED/TODO
    • mucho confusion outside XCJ about roles and history of XinCheJian
    • who has which title (original founder, co-founders, stakeholders, staff, members employees) with titles and dates
    • the right way to represent itself externally
    • official index on wiki & blog post (Who's who)
  • CHRIS - review of the website.
  • Labeling the equipment that are our own with our stickers APPROVED/TODO
  • Xinchejian: Stickers -- ANDREA to make stickers
    • Budget 400 RMB

Workshop Pricing

Talk about pricing: our workshop pricing calculation is out of whack with the cost of the space.

  • PAUL & KEVIN doing spreadsheet - Google spreadsheet and share

DFRobot vending machine

  • 300KG machine, need a ramp to get it up to 3 steps
  • it's really big, takes a big space (how much?) - please send a picture
  • MIN LIN to find a solution
  • clear the kart

Valentin's to Lioship for its sensors platform

  • Mayorship of Paris have PM2.5 sensors
  • find advisers: Andrew, Lio, Michael, Sean, Nelson, etc...

Next Meeting

  • Should we expand the team?
* P&L, still slight profit/loss, still not stable revenues, postponed to April