Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-12-01

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-12-01
Notes: Kevin
Staff:  Andrea, Roger, Chris, Kevin, Freda

Thumbs up / Props / Congrats

  • Thumbs down for Roger for not having a wiki account.
  • The Nelson is back! (For a little while.)
  • Freda Feng finished a painting.


  • People on staff don't visit the space enough outside of staff meetings
  • Do we need more staff? (Leo, Kin, Thomas)
  • Also need to be clearer about status (Mika?)
  • Should we try to recruit?

Autodesk wants to change the place to host interest group

3D modeling interest group finished one session, will come back in four weeks. However it's far for the instructors to come to XinCheJian, so they suggest to host it at their office.

  • KEVIN doesn't think it is ok to give group to Autodesk (3rd party).
  • However, we want to see how we can support. Maybe can support with taxi to Xinchejian.
  • CHRIS follow up with Autodesk.

JD and Atmel wants to rent XinCheJian Space

JD and Atmel wants to rent XinCheJian Space to host a hardware design experience share salon

  • RMB 5000/hour, they will pay RMB 2500 in advance.
  • They also want us to publish the event info on our social media channel.
  • CHRIS has already agreed to this.
  • JD / Atmel for 2 hours. (10,000 RMB)
  • 2,500 paid in advance
  • DATE and TIME to be determined.
  • KEVIN to create an invoice template.
  • 30-50 people expected, open to members.

Template for proposal for XinCheJian

  • KEVIN to finish this.

DFRobot Vending Machine Sponsorship Cooperation Options

PROPOSAL/ONHOLD (MIN LIN TO FOLLOW UP): Vending Machine Donation with us managing the inventory

  • Result:
    • DF-ROBOT wants to control stock - does not conflict with dfRobot products
    • Request a 20% space to be kept for XCJ (tshirts example, memberships)
    • No rev-share on XCJ products
    • Request 30% of price sold
    • Trial period - 6months trial
    • MIN LIN to update

This Week's Events

  • CNC workshop - 5th Saturday
  • Sewing workshop - 6th Sunday

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): CHRIS
  • Announcement: CHRIS (newsletter), CHRIS (WeChat)
  • Presentations
    • Leon: graphic design
    • Teacher Huang: physics demos

  • Announcements
    • t-shirts for sale for 100RMB for non members, 50rmb to members
      • to demonstrate at open house, free gift for 1 year members.

Staff Pages

    • Profile page on wiki for all staff.
      • picture
      • intro


  • Minlin pushing to get LED bar donated to XCJ
  • MINLIN to update

XCJ trademark

  • AMANDA to report on this.

Problems This Week


  • Who to fix?
  • Leo needs a welder
  • SEAN to talk with LIO (HK) about stick welder
  • CHRIS also asked Xinfab Sean about help.
  • Will get done this week.


  • Xinfab? to help fix
  • CHRIS will deal.

Hacker scholarship


The hacker scholarship grant is marketing, propose project, have budgets, mentor, signup as partner, propose timeline, propose budget, 3 months, display at the space, property of the space.


    • any one staff member can sponsor a project
    • create a wiki page on projects (on wiki.xinchejian.com) and send it to the staff@xinchejian.com
    • purchase the components out of the already approved total hacker scholarship budget of 3K RMB (total)
    • reports how the money got spent at the staff meeting weekly
    • fast track limited to first THREE projects


2 Computers working

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Thanks LEO!


  • CHRIS to setup with DFRobot ordering account -> managers@xinchejian.com
    • AMANDA to change the ordering account email
    • MINLIN: if not, will sort it out with ROCKETS
    • MINLIN to follow up
  • More sponsorships?
    • CHRIS: Altium high-end PCB design (waiting on proposal for licenses - update after CNY);
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
    • LIO: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up; follow follow up
    • proposal by Andi: sponsor a position
    • Ricky: Google sponsors projects that scale.

Group picture of staff

  • need to print the page, wiki, new website (profile)
    • Amanda to get new picture of staff members \o/
    • AMANDA needs to follow up


Andi's big demo....

"You can create a project, and post updates on that project. People can join a project." "Works on mobile (responsive)."

Source Code...


  • Save your feedback for now. Push to github page / discussions.


  • paul to give ricky access to XCJ machine
  • PAUL done?

Bouncer is broken

  • Investigate, broken, report back to git issues.
  • PAUL (and LIO) to investigate

Suggestion: Wednesday Night

  • Mushroom Cloud does QQ video chat...
  • Livestream our Wednesday night
  • CHRIS to investigate and report.


  • KEVIN spoke with CHRIS about using improved sheets
  • AMANDA to update on the Alipay account
  • CHRIS to start using improved financial sheets.