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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-07-14, 8pm
Notes: Pablo
Meeting runner: Ricky
Attendance: Michelle, Pablo, Ricky, Amanda, Kevin, Andi
Late:  Roger, Andi
Absents but expected: 
Observers: Hanyon, Jonas


  • Members fixing the doorknob - big thanks to 老窦!
  • Amanda answering emails
  • Lio doing the bouncer system
  • Yu doing the membership fees report and accounting
  • Very interesting Q&A session before meeting
    • Staff applause for all of the above



  • Financial status: update google spreadsheat - possible task for interns


  • 2015.06.20 to 2015.07.14: RMB 4377 (5252-875 for Lio's PCB workshop)
  • door control: https://github.com/xinchejian/bouncer
  • migration from i200cn to bouncer MySQL database
    • make sure that all the fields are mapped
    • missing email addresses for some entries (that's supposed to be our unique key)


  • innov8 needs to be removed from the main site xinchejian.com - LIO will do, and he did. DONE.


Roles to prepare content and information before the meeting

  • Support Staff Manager - Manages Support Staff: RICKY and SEAN (ask Sean)
  • Treasurer - Responsible for finances: PAUL (gatekeeper) and FREDA
  • Communication - Responsible for managing PR, inquiries, representing the space, etc: LIO, AMANDA
  • Wednesday night event manager: AMANDA, PAUL
  • Corporate workshops: MIN LIN?


  • next generation: Staff, Members, Interns, Employees, Partners, Corporate customers (workshops)
  • Should we protect ourselves against liability (insurance)?
  • Should we have one or two persons?
  • APPROVED AT THE MEETING/CONFIRMED: we want to have a paid employee hired in the next month
  • Candidate found: Hanyon Wu (junior software developer, speaks Italian/English/Japanese/Chinese) - waiting for results of another interview

Social updates (website, blogs, social network)

  • How do we get interns to contribute to managing social networks? How do they get access?
  • Meetup
  • http://xinchejian.com - Print out a FAQ.
    • printing QR code instead.


  • Lots of shit, time to throw stuff away
    • Lio objects.
    • One week notice to be sent out to people.
    • Force people to label their project/stuff
  • ANDI is going to make a poster with tagging instructions
    • Stickers for tagging already sent out to staff


  • XCJ Intro Video: PABLO to send script by Friday 3rd, DONE.
    • If xinchejian has youku - who has login details?
    • will start interviewing people in the space, DONE.
    • 1st interview with 老窦
  • Kevin suggested interns to document maker projects
    • Best would be to tag projects with QR codes linking to xcj website


  • shelves arrived, need help setting up.
  • Silence - MICHELLE says she can do it, min. one man to help

This week events

Wednesday Open Night

  • If there's a talk, then from 19:30 to 8pm

Wednesday Maker's night

  • From 8pm on
  • RICKY to host
    • Announcement tomorrow will explain the details, RICKY to send out email

Future Events

Arduino Workshops

  • Given by our new intern, Yu Sun
  • Three consecutives Arduino workshops in Chinese (Arduino I, Arduino II, Arduino III)
  • Sunday morning 10am: July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th
  • Focus on high school seniors and university sophomores with interest in Electronic Engineering
  • Uses the DFRobot Arduino Kit, requires XCJ membership and

Hacker scholarship

  • for details contact Roger

Design Thinking

  • workshop leads proposed: Simone and Azure
  • PAUL will follow with a date next week
  • Design Thinking: workshop for designers (half-day, details need to be worked out)

Pernod-Ricard Workshop

  • Doesn't want a team building workshop, but does want a few recommendations for workshops
    • needs suggestions of workshops
    • probably run during the business week

iOS programming Workshop

  • Content: Swift introduction + Parse backend
  • WeChat group created (ask Pablo) with brian (member/volunteer)
  • after July 6th, 42/rmb/pax/hour

Ella Hackathon workshop

  • LIO will organize *postponed for one more week* *pending update/19th of july*
  • WeChat group join

Arduino Hackathon

  • Arduino Shanghai Online Community Hackathon (non-profit?)
  • http://arduino.cn
  • AMANDA to confirm it's a non-profit, it's not a company
  • Membership is 100RMB
  • lunch times on weekend? poster will be up?
  • dates? nothing yet.
  • AMANDA managing

Other Events

  • Techyizu
    • Fail faster - August
    • Barcamp - October
    • 2min Film festival - September
  • UAE delegation visit
    • yes to visit, will accept them, amanda, lio, kevin and andi to help host.
    • maybe September, they didn't reply to Paul.
  • Maker carnival - 17/18th October

Past Events

PCB Workshop

  • LIO will organize for Saturday July 11th - DONE.
  • MICHELLE will arrange the workshop and document the workshop (video and pictures) - DONE.
  • Successfully executed. 6 attendees, 1750rmb total income.

Rules & Regulations

  • Bylaws: https://github.com/xinchejian/bylaws
    • please review as staff
  • Discussion about name: ANDI doesn't approve Bylaws; Italians would disregard them^^
    • Rules or Regulations to be used instead

Companies hosting workshops


  • Workshops are following existing rule: 42RMB/hr/pax minimum, 50/50, host can forfeit.
    • andi wants: 50rmb, minlin proposes 60rmb, lio wants 69rmb/hr/pax*
    • new proposal: 100rmb for first hour, +50rmb for every hour, material not included, still 50/50 split
    • Non-profits, volunteeers, individuals

nothing below was challenged

  • Corporates cannot run free meetups (that is co-branding)
  • Corporate for workshops
    • Renting the space (photoshooting): 50K RMB/day (24 hours), 4K RMB/hour
    • In addition to any labor fee (using staff time)
  • Corporate/partner
    • Example: DFRobot (Ricky Ye is stakeholder, support)
    • Partner get 50% of the corporate rate
    • Come up with a rule on partner
  • if non-profits/makers/hardware making/all XinCheJian members: can be free

Every event still need to be accepted by staff (based on availability)