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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-06-30, 8pm
Notes: Ricky
Meeting runner: Paul
Attendance: Paul, Lucio, Freda, Amanda, Pablo, Ricky
Late: Michelle, Kevin, Andi
Absents but expected: Min Lin
Observers: Silvia
Lucio leaving for Portugal on July 6th
Paul working from Japan Thursday to Sunday

Pending items

  • next generation: Staff, Members, Interns, Employees, Partners, Corporate customers (workshops)
  • Bylaws: https://github.com/xinchejian/bylaws
  • Grant to Seltzer developer Edward L. Platt
  • MIN LIN pitch for corporate workshops
  • Financial projections and budgeting of our funds
    • FREDA and PAUL to report on current financial state
    • always have a year in advance in the account


Hacker Scholarships

  • ROGER update next week
  • ROGER to administer, 3 months have a cool project
  • Good way to get new projects
  • APPROVED AT THE MEETING/CONFIRMED: 3000 RMB as budget in equipment to be administered by Roger for the hacker scholarship
  • Suggest ROGER to move the description in the wiki



PROBLEM: The issue is people constantly knock on the door, and ask XCJ people to open the door. PROBLEM: Question to be solved: How do members get into the space?

(All people supposed to do this are not there)

  • Problem: cards never expires
  • Preferable to interns, staff
  • OPTION B - Membership and DOOR Setup
    • LIO has prototyped for the members to have access using a pin
    • LIO trust based to give access to the internal door
    • LIO to CC: membership creation to the staff mailing list
    • LUCIO bought off-the-shelve intercom; install with LIO


  • i200.cn - Xinchejian Membership System
    • AMANDA to change email to i200cn@xinchejian.com


Space Manager

  • PABLO Pictures of the space and tools available
    • Put on site, wiki
    • LIO to send pictures to PABLO, to update
    • PABLO to talk Spencer: parts.xinchejian.com
    • Picture gallery of the equipment could be sufficient

Job Description

  • Should we protect ourselves against liability (insurance)?
  • Should we have one or two persons?
  • APPROVED AT THE MEETING/CONFIRMED: we want to have a paid employee hired in the next month
    • Tasks list:
      • RICKY to kick off recruitment
      • RICKY to interview candidates and report to staff
      • RICKY conversation with firms such as Fesco for all-inclusive costs employee (in case the employee wants above board)
      • RICKY to figure out a budget that fits a sufficiently long runway within the amount suggested (55K)

Xinchejian Website and Wiki

  • http://xinchejian.com - Print out a FAQ.
    • KEVIN to help draft.
    • KEVIN still working on it.
    • AMANDA has sent the questions (docs)
  • RICKY and PAUL do not believe Jekyll is the solution: http://xinchejian.github.io/
    • Need a better solution for something we don't get hacked


  • canceled since no one wants to take responsability for it, on hold
  • on hold until we have an employee (will be associated to a group)

Space - SPACE


  • shelves during the weekend
  • Kevin, Pablo, Roger to help install the shelves on the weekend

FINANCES - Sponsorship

Jing'an District: no responses, dead DONE

XCJ Intro Video

  • PABLO to send script by Friday 3rd
    • ROGER, LIO, ANDY (technical) will help PABLO to make intro video
    • Matthieu/Chromaphase can do the video recording on request
    • PAUL can help, see the script for hackaday

Current Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • 4 presenters tomorrow (see in email titled Wednesday)
  • Paul to send the newsletter
  • Amanda to do the wechat
  • Amanda to host Wednesday

Ricky Basic Github workshop

    • intro to using Github
    • Sunday evening July 5th 18h to 20h

XinFab CNC Workshop

    • Thursday, July 2nd, 19h (2 to 3 hours)
    • Basic CNC


  • Saturday July 4th, 13h to 15h workshop: make stuff with trash (Jing'an activity centre)
  • 30 people in the workshop (4500RMB)

Future Events

Wednesday Open Night alternative

  • RICKY proposes new format for Wednesday nights, discussing with PABLO and MICHELLE
  • RICKY will start new format in July
  • PILOT Wednesday July 15th 2015, announced July 8th 2015

Design Thinking

  • workshop leads proposed: Simone and Azure
  • PAUL will follow with a date next week
  • Design Thinking: workshop for designers (half-day, details need to be worked out)

Power Tool Dis-assembly Workshop

  • CANCELED (targeted to kids)

Pernod-Ricard Workshop

  • ROGER followed up, sent the proposal to Pernod-Ricard, still waiting for feedback


  • Drone assembly, flight, 3 days, proposed Andrew workshop
  • Following up in Andrew

Creative Kids Workshop

  • project based learning workshops kindergarten
  • spaghetti bridge
  • WeChat group created (ask Pablo) with Maciej
  • end of July? trial workshop?
  • be careful: parents can treat XinCheJian as a daycare center
  • parents also take a lots of space
  • Refer them to the public library (AMANDA will send contact to Ricky)
  • PROPOSAL: minimal at least 13 years old

DFRobot Edison workshop

  • DFRobot money from Intel (business); 42RMB/hour
  • Two workshops, 2 hours setup, 10 to 15 people
  • Standard charge: RMB2000 per workshop minimal
    • Should be above RMB2000
    • Find the number of the corporate workshop Allianz
      • 2000RMB/hour, total 13400RMB for the workshop
    • ...co-branding and marketing should be even more expensive workshop (corporate events)
  • DFRobot is not giving away the Edison board

iOS programming Workshop

  • Content: Swift introduction + Parse backend
  • WeChat group created (ask Pablo) with brian (member/volunteer)
  • after July 6th, 42/rmb/pax/hour

PCB Workshop

  • LIO will organize for Saturday July 11th
  • MICHELLE will arrange the workshop and document the workshop (video and pictures)
  • PAUL volunteers to help

Ella Hackathon workshop

  • LIO will organize in 2 weeks Sunday July 12th
  • WeChat group join

Arduino Hackathon

  • Arduino Shanghai Online Community Hackathon (non-profit?)
  • http://arduino.cn
  • AMANDA to confirm it's a non-profit, it's not a company
  • Membership is 100RMB
  • lunch times on weekend? poster will be up?


Roles to prepare content and information before the meeting

  • Support Staff Manager - Manages Support Staff: RICKY and SEAN (ask Sean)
  • Treasurer - Responsible for finances: PAUL (gatekeeper) and FREDA
  • Communication - Responsible for managing PR, inquiries, representing the space, etc: LIO, AMANDA
  • Wednesday night event manager: AMANDA, PAUL
  • Corporate workshops: MIN LIN?


  • 3 month nominations / terms CONFIRMED
  • PABLO to send out additional proposed roles to staff email before Wednesday July 6th 2015
    • review groups for @xinchejian.com

Rules & Regulations

  • Github Rules and Regulations
    • Are we unregulated? No.
    • APPROVED/CONFIRMED: RICKY will write first draft and have the staff discuss and work towards a finalized R&R
    • Final version will be on the wiki once the Github version
  • Enforcement of Rules & Regulations
  • Re-establish financial transparency as a prime directive
    • PAUL and FREDA to review the Google Spreadsheets (as updated with Amanda)
    • not to be published outside of staff

Companies hosting workshops


  • Workshops are following existing rule: 42RMB/hr/pax minimum, 50/50, host can forfeit.
    • Non-profits, volunteeers, individuals
  • Corporates cannot run free meetups (that is co-branding)
  • Corporate for workshops
    • Renting the space (photoshooting): 50K RMB/day (24 hours), 4K RMB/hour
    • In addition to any labor fee (using staff time)
  • Corporate/partner
    • Example: DFRobot (Ricky Ye is stakeholder, support)
    • Partner get 50% of the corporate rate
    • Come up with a rule on partner
  • if non-profits/makers/hardware making/all XinCheJian members: can be free

Every event still need to be accepted by staff (based on availability)