Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-05-12

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-05-12
Attendance: Lio, Lucio, Roger, Sean, Andi, Kevin

Inactive members

  • Intercom System, or RFID System; LUCIO to buy, LIO connect
  • XinFab switches spaces with XinCheJian


P2 awaiting OUR decision. LUCIO to have receptionist. LUCIO will allow members to walk through. Proposal: XINFAB will drop membership, needs compensation for loss.

Need membership system, ANDI to make simple paper subscription cards, with a stamp. We trust members to fill in their own cards. We can verify whether they paid or not.

Problem: we are reception, walk-ins, members get bothered. Kevin suggests fixing these issue. Membership system.


"Employees should not be staff." Ask Amanda to be either Staff or SpaceManager. LIO to tell. Propose to rediscuss the space manager role and compensation.

Xinchejian Website and Wiki

Evaluating wix



  • Ordered


  • Sent Bosch (still in discussion), Festool also
  • Can give tools
  • 100,000 RMB sponsorship in tools (no woodwork ones unfortunately)
    • coming to talk on friday (Bosch).

Wednesday Open Night

  • LIO to present hacked LED display


May 16th - Saturday

  • Lucio
  • 2pm - 4pm
  • Running in XinFab space - agreement on 50/50 split cost

May 17th - Sunday

  • 10 am to 12 am - Sean has agreed
  • Jingan activity center
  • Need projects, need support, need a white face.
  • Amanda to quote JAAC

May 23rd - afternoons

  • workshop from JAAC
  • Upcycling
  • AMANDA to arrange

June 6th - afternoons

  • workshop form JAAC
  • TBD
  • AMANDA to arrange

Workshops to Run

PCB Workshop

  • Lio, sure. Whenever. Will sleep on it. (follow up)
    • June sometime soon. eaglecad, something to do.

Unmask V2 Workshop

  • Paul and Simone. will sleep on it. (follow up)

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Azure and iHan agreed, but want to limit scope for half a day and control size
  • PAUL pass on contact info to AMANDA.
  • done

BusyBee workshop

  • Lio in June

Xinchejian History