Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-04-21

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-04-21
Attendance: Roger, Kevin, Amanda, Lucio, Andi

Discussion: Relationship with Xinfab

  • There is the urgent need to discuss with Xinfab about our relationship.
  • We plan to have a serious and extended discussion about this topic at the beginning of the next meeting.

Discussion: Active Projects

The big cleanup

  • More work space
  • Need to move to boxes away from under the table

The Meetup Groups

  • What are the goals?
  • Talking, learning, sharing
  • Roger: Robots is ok

AMANDA's Awesome Website

  • AMANDA will make Instructables happen.
  • But that's what he promised.
  • He will present next week

Project Room

  • Roger has some stuff in there.



  • LUCIO will do measurements, send to AMANDA
  • AMANDA will order ONE just to pilot
  • Amanda take Autodesk

Boxes Storage

  • Modular
  • Cheap


  • Sent Bosch, some other tool company
  • Can give tools
  • 100,000 RMB sponsorship in tools (no woodwork ones unfortunately)


Wordworking Tools

  • 30,000 RMB needed
  • Priced by Amanda on Taobao
  • Please Amanda, send document to staff

Wednesday Open Night

  • Nothing
  • Announcing / Preview of upcoming workshops
  • AMANDA will give it
  • AMANDA to send it


Candy Printer

  • Don't need to talk about it


Quadcopter Drone Workshop

  • Andrew runs it
  • Saturday morning
  • 1600 for kits, 300 for workshop
  • We need to come up with some principles on the pricing (no ideas)
  • They need to clean up

Arduino Workshop beginners

  • Saturday (10am - 12noon)


  • SEAN: Sunday Afternoon: 1-3 pm

Arduino Workshop (level 4)

  • LIO: Sunday 10 am


  • Details on xinchejian.com

Hydroponics Workshop

  • Roger
  • Needs someone on site to help out
  • For future reference -- GET THE INFORMATION BEFORE


Team Building Workshop

  • It went well!

May 17th - Sunday

  • Jingan activity center
  • Need projects, need support, need a white face.
  • Amanda to quote JAaC

May 23rd - afternoons

  • workshop from JAaC
  • Upcycling
  • AMANDA to arrange

June 6th - afternoons

  • workshop form JAaC
  • TBD
  • AMANDA to arrange


  • nelson: hackjam, 12 hours of full hacking, no pressure, staff/members on site to help projects
    • promote things like: best beginner hack, best project
    • Don't focus on projects to be completed during the event
    • organic ideas
    • two to four times a year is enough
    • Don't put high stakes, no high prized gifts.

Workshops to Run

E Scooters

  • Someone from Nanjing Makerspace

PCB Workshop

  • Lio, sure. Whenever. Will sleep on it. (follow up)

Unmask V2 Workshop

  • Paul and Simone. will sleep on it. (follow up)

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Azure and iHan agreed, but want to limit scope for half a day and control size
  • PAUL pass on contact info to AMANDA.

Big Events


  • Solarplane nothing to do


  • Needs to improve
  • AMANDA to investigate, get them to send details


  • Do it themselves
  • We will do something for money
  • AMANDA to investigate

Nanjing Makerspace Conference

  • Want someone from Xinchejian to present
  • AMANDA to go
  • PAUL will find it, and send to everyone


  • 103


  • Person had an unhappy experience

3D Printer

  • Cubie

Xinchejian / Xinfab Relationship

  • Lucio / Xinfab - I have to go.


  • T-Shirt design competition??
  • Total failure
  • Need to get a digital design
  • Kevin is now taking over the t-shirt manufacturing

Xinchejian Website and Wiki

Xinfab: Lowering Prices for 3D Printer

  • 2 RMB per gram for people who need no help
  • If you still need help. 4 RMB some help or you pay for Sean's time. 10 RMB.

Press Inquiries

  • How to handle this?
  • Chinese: Amanda, Mika
  • English: Lio, Paul

Xinchejian History

Staff Update

  • David Li -- removed from Staff. But still on Cofounders and Previous Staff Members.
  • Sean Purser-Haskell -- needs to do more staff time.
  • Bernie -- to be left off, until more time to contribute.

Also Xinchejian Google Apps clean up:

  • felix - never used
  • sophialin - never used
  • jmkalin - Jonathan Kalin - last login 2011
  • jrosen - Joshua Rosen - last login 2013
  • ziyunpeng - last login 2012
  • rockets - last login 2011 (fine right?)


Fun Places near metro

  • Amanda to Organise
    • needs to be low impact


  • not to link to websites from XinCheJian
  • no thanks

wood working

  • members asked about wood working tools
    • propose members to make a list