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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-04-07
Attendance: Paul, Roger, Kevin, Amanda, Lucio, Lio, Nelson.

Lio: why don't we have many active Projects

  • Is membership a good metric?
  • Is active projects a good metric?
  • Should we offer free membership?
    • Is membership a barrier?
    • will roboracing help?
  • XinCheJian is more about talk, and we make money with it.. is that a choice?
  • Lucio: its not a place to make
  • Lucio suggests the electronic room is a mess and so it's not being used.
  • Nelson: sponsor active projects in the space? could this be an option?
  • Lucio: what is our goal?
  • do we need to define if we are educational? social? or something in between.
  • clean up of soldering area could be a solution to a quite and noisy area.
    • Dont bother me area!
    • Move electronics room out into the area
    • Nelson suggests what you see is what you do
    • Spring cleaning
  • Paul suggests to postpone roboracing on sunday and workshop on saturday.
    • Action item: contact signups, figure out who is racing a robot, announce workshop the following weekend

Saturday morning 10am cleanup! breakfast provided! sign up with paul

  • electronic shelf to be customized, longer working desk, shorter storage area on top.
  • electronic room to move out to near the door.
  • clean up electronics room
  • move in kitchen to that area, and working area.
    • Roger doesn't like the idea as he thinks that more junk will build up. [watch this space]
    • Amanda to send email to autodesk for money to purchase what we need.
  • you make your food, you must clean up your mess before the next day.
  • nelson: hackjam, 12 hours of full hacking, no pressure, staff/members on site to help projects
    • promote things like: best beginner hack, best project
    • Don't focus on projects to be completed during the event
    • organic ideas
    • two to four times a year is enough
    • Don't put high stakes, no high prized gifts.

Wednesday Open House

  • no speakers, fuck.


  • 7 people spaghetti bridge workshop 9am with lio on thursday 9th of April
    • amanda promises to do the next one

Arduino Workshop beginners

  • Saturday (10am - 12noon)
  • sean to run it in the small fart room.

CPP with sean

  • sunday afternoon: 1-3pm

Arduino Workshop (level 4)

  • Sunday 10am

Hydroponics Workshop

  • Roger at Shanghai Library (18th)


Team Building Workshop

  • 2 hours
  • 11 April or 18 April
  • Lucio and Roger to work together on team building.
  • Not XCJ Event
  • Pay Amanda 15%

May 17th - Sunday

  • Jingan activity center
  • Need projects, need support, need a white face.
  • Amanda to quote JAaC

May 23rd - afternoons

  • workshop from JAaC
  • Upcycling

June 6th - afternoons

  • workshop form JAaC
  • TBD

Workshops to Run

PCB Workshop

  • Lio, sure. Whenever. Will sleep on it.

Unmask V2 Workshop

  • Paul and Simone. will sleep on it.

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Azure and iHan agreed, but want to limit scope for half a day and control size
  • PAUL pass on contact info to AMANDA.

Xinchejian Event Calendar

  • Calendar System:
  • PAUL to setup proxy for existing Google calendar - Working on it still.. fuck forgot about that
  • PAUL still has to do this.


PR Firm

  • Kevin sent. - dead end, kevin to refollowup


  • Amanda on wedneday to meet them to talk about sponsorship.

Big Events


Solarplane lands in Nanjing in April 7th, invitation only, its a Tuesday.

  • Bunch of people going.
  • postponed due to weather.


  • Sunday April 12th
  • Announce, make workshop on Sunday. April 19th for audience, paul to send details to amanda
  • PAUL to find content
  • ANDREA to upload to wiki
  • PAUL to handle the race


  • Design brainstorming session. submission date this Saturday.
  • XinCheJian T-shirt
  • T-Shirt design competition??
  • AMANDA to arrange competition for tomorrow
  • Kevin is now taking over the t-shirt manufacturing

Xinchejian Website and Wiki

Xinfab: Lowering Prices for 3D Printer

  • 2 RMB per gram for people who need no help
  • If you still need help. 4 RMB some help or you pay for Sean's time. 10 RMB.

Press Inquiries

  • How to handle this?
  • Chinese: Amanda, Mika
  • English: Lio, Paul

Xinchejian History

Staff Update

  • David Li -- removed from Staff. But still on Cofounders and Previous Staff Members.
  • Sean Purser-Haskell -- needs to do more staff time.
  • Bernie -- to be left off, until more time to contribute.

Also Xinchejian Google Apps clean up:

  • felix - never used
  • sophialin - never used
  • jmkalin - Jonathan Kalin - last login 2011
  • jrosen - Joshua Rosen - last login 2013
  • ziyunpeng - last login 2012
  • rockets - last login 2011 (fine right?)


Fun Places near metro

  • Amanda to Organise
    • needs to be low impact


  • not to link to websites from XinCheJian
  • no thanks

wood working

  • members asked about wood working tools
    • propose members to make a list