Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-03-31

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-03-31
Attendance: Paul, Mika, Roger, Kevin, Amanda, Lucio, Andrea, Freda, Lio, Bernie

XinCheJian Birthday Party - March 26 - Thursday

  • DONE
  • Especially Fighting
  • 2220 RMB spent on booze and other stuff
  • FEEDBACK: For next time: more beer, bigger keg, who are these strangers? Should take pictures. And should have bought a cake.

Wednesday Open House

  • Teacher Huang
  • Need some help?
  • ANDREA to ask SIMONE
  • AMANDA hosting, and LIO hosting

Who is XCJ Staff? / How it is managed?

  • ANDREA: To follow up


  • AMANDA has updated for March 2015
  • KEVIN to create sheet for April 2015


Arduino Workshop (level 3)

  • Saturday

Arduino Workshop (level 4)

  • Sunday
  • Lio needs help sometimes

C++ Workshop

  • Sean

Hydroponics Workshop

  • Roger at Shanghai Library

Jing'an Activity Center

  • Lio is in
  • AMANDA to find out details including dates, time
    • Workshops in May
    • Makerspace Show - April - 2 hours

Team Building Workshop

  • 2 hours
  • 11 April or 18 April
  • LUCIO and ROGER to work together on team building.

PCB Workshop

  • Lio, sure. Whenever. Will sleep on it.

Unmask V2 Workshop

  • Paul and Simone. will sleep on it.

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Azure and iHan agreed, but want to limit scope for half a day and control size
  • PAUL pass on contact info to AMANDA.

What? WTF?

  • Lutz left Shanghai for Germany
  • No party?

Xinchejian Event Calendar

  • Calendar System:
  • PAUL to setup proxy for existing google calendar - Working on it still.. fuck forgot about that
  • PAUL still has to do this.



  • Calling it dead.

PR Firm

  • Kevin sent.

Big Events

CES Asia

(End of May)

  • ANDREA to do the research
  • ANDREA to make a plan
  • ANDREA to do what he said he would do.
  • 22,000 RMB for a booth


Solarplane lands in Nanjing in April 7th, invitation only, its a Tuesday.

  • Bunch of people going.


  • Sunday April 12th
  • Announce, make workshop on Sat. April 11th
  • lio and amanda are handling that.
  • PAUL to find content
  • ANDREA to upload to wiki
  • PAUL to handle the race


  • Xinchejian T-shirt
  • t-shirt design competition??
  • AMANDA to arrange competition for tomorrow
  • Kevin is now taking over the t-shirt manufacturing

Autodesk - Helpful Stuff


  • Add it to the sheet
  • OR send it to Amanda


  • Coming this Friday!!!
  • Figure out where to put the awesome stuff

Xinchejian Website and Wiki

Corporate Events

  • AMANDA to offer high prices. If they're interested, then ok.

Xinfab: Lowering Prices for 3D Printer

  • 2 RMB per gram for people who need no help
  • If you still need help. 4 RMB some help or you pay for Sean's time. 10 RMB.


  • AMANDA bring her printer

Media Stuff

  • General secretary dude is visiting on Thursday David will be here. DONE. Yay.

Press Inquiries

  • How to handle this?
  • Chinese: Amanda, Mika
  • English: Lio, Paul

Xinchejian History

Staff Update

  • David Li -- removed from Staff. But still on Cofounders and Previous Staff Members.
  • Sean Purser-Haskell -- needs to do more staff time.
  • Bernie -- to be left off, until more time to contribute.

Also Xinchejian Google Apps clean up:

  • jimmy - ? last login January 2015
  • felix - never used
  • sophialin - never used
  • jiaqi - last login 2013
  • jmkalin - Jonathan Kalin - last login 2011
  • jrosen - Joshua Rosen - last login 2013
  • ziyunpeng - last login 2012
  • rockets - last login 2011 (fine right?)