Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-01-06

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Staff meeting note 2015 01. 06th
Attendance: Lucio, Paul, Edward, Amanda, Lio, Berni

Wednesday Open night

  • Andi from Dreamsource Lab - OS logic analyzer "One Night With"


We have 109 members.


  • We got the signed contract! Needs PAUL's signed!
  • Waiting for invoice info. LIO to ping Mini.


  • Got confirmation last week. LIO to call on Tuesday (NOW)

Backdoor issue

  • door keeps breaking, we can lock, just cant unlock
  • LIO will try to fix lock on backdoor using the old XCJ lock; can't find the old lock
  • LUCIO to check whether he has one
  • Paul: use the old gate lock?
  • Edward: door is already fubared, might need reinforcement


  • ROGER working on t-shirts; status? *dead issue*
  • roger has samples.. cannot see them. 30rmb/shirt + 15rmb print


  • Can do wechat payments.
  • 300rmb + business license, Amanda to do.
  • Bank transaction denied. MIKA to try again, tonight

Jingan activity center

  • Asked for Feb 1st 8:30am to 11:30am for XCJ to run workshops, want 4 independent workshops 2 Chinese, 2 Western.
  • Age: under 15 yrs old
  • event: Middleschool near XCJ
  • Toothbrush - by AMANDA
  • LIO to do badges soldering workshop
  • activities to host in 2015: 3 before CNY, 10 after
  • Amanda: present old projects; AMANDA to ask Ricky

Hackathon - TechYiZu

  • 17/18, workshops the week before
  • Arduino workshop by KEVIN in XCJ
  • laser cutter workshop by LUCIO


  • The last two years, Tony Wang (our former Pinewood Derby Chair) worked with you and XJC to host the wood cutting workshops over a couple of weekends in January. We have the same need for this year. Howard Huang, our new Pinewood Derby Chair is in copy.
  • We would like to know if we can reserve the workshop space for the weekends of January 17/18 and 24/25, each day from 8a - 12p. This is how we have done it in the past. Our group is a little smaller this year (75 versus 113 last year), so we anticipate about 65-70 scouts total to make use of your space.
  • As in past years, we can pay a per scout use fee as well as any extra payment for broken saw blades, etc... Adults will be on hand to monitor and control the safe use of the tools and to ensure the space is kept tidy.
  • Can you please confirm the two weekends Jan 17/18 and 24/25, as well as the cost?
  • No conflict
  • LUCIO to check sander, bandsaws and jigsaw
  • XinFab to get 50% cut

Residence programme

  • Invite (foreign?) hackers to come to Shanghai for X weeks, paying for stay.
  • Let's try once and evaluate. Budget: 3000/mo RMB
  • AMANDA to find the first victim
  • XinCheJian can provide official invitation letter
  • Create documentation outlining the programme


  • remove laser gun from space
  • AMANDA to ask ANDREW to remove it once he's better
  • up on the shelf
  • Convert to laser cutter?

machine room

  • LUCIO to clean up 17/18th
  • Need volunteer
  • No need new tools


  • Amanda : crowd funding
  • Lucio : detailed budget

business license

  • need to renew license
  • Accountant to follow up. AMANDA to check with her. Call her on thursday


  • Paul will take care of the camera + Documentation

Electronics room

  • After the Scouts need to clean up E-Room == Edward Paul Andi Mika


  • Repellent or Death traps
 -- Paul buy the glue 
 -- Roger check the ultrasonic
  • Foam glue - Edward

staff meeting/party for planning 2015

  • planning in January
  • 13th of January
  • Edward provide alcohol
  • Paul liaison
  • Kevin prepare a survey
  • Party for all members

Rudy to document the Monday

  • Talk to paul for xinchejian wiki

Accelerators (PCH)

  • Amanda reply
    • No, we don't do that
    • Talk to p2 or Techyizu or Chain Accelerator
    • Ask them for sponsorship

======= THIS is the general rules passed


  • Visitors only on Wednesday Open-night
  • 1 member can bring 1 guest during other times, need to be accompanied and can only stay once/short-term; see Policy
  • Random visitors: "Come back on Wednesday, or leave." Need appointment or member to accompany.
  • Day pass? NO.
  • AMANDA to print the rule and stick to the rule