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XinCheJian Membership

Change Log

  • Updated to include price levels for 1month/3month/6month (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • Updated to include the small blue box (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • Updated where we make money + workshops + memberships (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • Enforcement - warning about it needs updating (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • Updated Staff gets section to remove the free membership as this has long not been the case (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • updated to membership policy to include cleanup and public junk. (paul) - 3rd/April/2013
  • updated to include cleaning up to members, also storing projects (paul) - 3rd/April/2013


  • 100RMB/month: membership (entitle only to being in the space and use the equipment)
  • 250RMB/3 month: membership (entitle only to being in the space and use the equipment)
  • 450RMB/6 month: membership (entitle only to being in the space and use the equipment)
    • to kick out members and staff, a staff meeting with majority vote must support this (kicked out member is reimbursed)
    • members must clean up after themselves, projects can only be stored in designated areas in allocated boxes.
  • membership + 30RMB/month: for a small blue box
  • membership + 200RMB/month: for a standard locker
    • no membership paid or membership that has expired for 3 months means that your stuff in the space is considered a donation.
  • 12000/year commitment for stakeholder
    • stakeholders: full privileges, no limit on the unused lockers usage
  • Staff gets
    • can speak at staff meetings
    • Duties for the space
    • to represent the space and formal acknowledgement
    • XinCheJian email if desired
    • staff@xinchejian.com mailing list subscription
  • We make money to pay for the space on the following...
    • selling kits and electronics (preferably on consignment)
    • all components, drinks and consumables are priced
    • workshops, we take 50% revenue
    • memberships
  • Every visitor must be accompanied by a member; can only look and stay short-term


[warning: this needs updating]

  • Photoboard with members pictures
  • A spreadsheet that tracks membership expiry date with weekly cleanups.
  • A large poster explaining these rules will be put on the wall; members are asked to point it out to potential members and visitors.
  • Stickers or hand stamp for workshops on payment. People without stickers or hand stamp are asked to pay or leave.
  • A unique password per user on the XinCheJian wifi with special temporary visitors passwords.
  • Neck badges to be worn at all time: members/pink, visitors/red, staff/gold
  • All members SHOULD enforce this policy.