Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-12-30

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Staff meeting note 2014 Dec. 30th
Attendance: Lucio, Amanda, Lio, Berni, Mika

Wednesday Open night

  • Amanda - automatic foosball counter
  • Lucio - the black mamba
  • Ezure - open-source segway


We have 100 members.


  • We got the signed contract! Needs PAUL's signatures!


  • Got confirmation last week. LIO to call on Tuesday (NOW)

Backdoor issue

  • door keeps breaking, we can lock, just cant unlock
  • LIO will try to fix lock on backdoor using the old XCJ lock


  • ROGER working on t-shirts; status? *dead issue*
  • roger has samples.. cannot see them. 30rmb/shirt + 15rmb print


  • Can do wechat payments.
  • 300rmb + business license, Amanda to do.
  • Bank transaction denied. MIKA to try again.

Jingan activity center

  • Asked for Feb 1st 8:30am to 11:30am for XCJ to run workshops, want 4 independent workshops 2 Chinese, 2 Western.
  • Age: under 15 yrs old
  • event: Middleschool near XCJ
  • Amanda to find out age groups, and if they are staying for an allotted time, and how many to expect.
  • event for all elementary schools and middle schools.
  • Paul to contact community on that.
  • any objections please speak up.
  • Toothbrush - by Amanda.
  • Lio to do badges soldering workshop
  • activities to host in 2015: 3 before CNY, 10 after

Hackathon - TechYiZu

  • 17/18, workshops the week before
  • arduino workshop by KEVIN in XCJ
  • laser cutter workshop by LUCIO

Residence programming

  • Invite (foreign?) hackers to come to Shanghai for X weeks, paying for stay.
  • Let's try once and evaluate. Budget: 3000/mo RMB
  • AMANDA to find the first victim
  • XinCheJian can provide official invitation letter

Workshop Requests

  • Serial workshop for Arduino - thanks, will consider it for next year.
    • Serial Workshop Design


  • remove laser gun from space
  • AMANDA to ask ANDREW to remove it once he's better

machine room

  • LUCIO to clean up
  • build shelving
  • hide dangerous/redundant tools and machines
  • need some new tools/wrenches, good quality. XINFAB/XCJ 50/50?


  • Big CNC, 25k: XCJ can buy one, if needed. XINFAB can pay part of it.
  • CNC needs hourly fee, 35RMB/hr, to pay for maintenance
  • LUCIO prefers to build a new CNC, 6k.
  • Amanda: crowd funding? LIO: doesn't make sense, what's membership for? LUCIO: just try it and see
  • Proposal: crowd fund CNC for XINFAB, to build one. LUCIO and AMANDA drives this.

business license

  • need to renew license for a QR code
  • Accountant to follow up. AMANDA to check with her.


  • p2 advises xcj to make sure cameras are recording for bathroom hustlers using the space as a cut through.
  • need to confirm that it restarts on power outage: LIO to check

Electronics room

  • need to clean up E-Room


  • p2 to close the hole. Done.

staff meeting/party for planning 2015

  • planning in January
    • what did we do
    • what did we do well
    • what did we not do well
    • where we want to be by the end of 2015
    • special invites: Ricky/minlin/david
  • Party

XinFab access

  • random people passing through to go to toilet or xinfab
  • just ask: XinFab has non-members coming through
  • toilet: P2's problem. Should be only-members

Make for kids

  • Who can represent XinCheJian? Lio: Founders, Staff, Members


  • PCH wanted to have event/meetup in XCJ. When? March. Willing to pay. Sponsorship?
  • This is new. They're commercial, investors. Need to confirm with the rest of staff. AMANDA
  • Lucio: let's make a rule and vote for it.
  • Tie it to sponsorship? Any sponsor to host 1 event/mo.?


  • Visitors only on Wednesday Open-night
  • 1 member can bring 1 guest during other times, need to be accompanied and can only stay once/short-term; see Policy
  • Random visitors: "Come back on Wednesday, or leave." Need appointment or member to accompany.
  • Day pass? NO.
  • AMANDA to print the rule and stick to the rule

Laser Printer

  • EDWARD will bring new toner during the holidays