Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-10-21

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Date: 2014 10 21 / Oct 21, 2014
Attendance: Lio, Amanda, Andi, Kevin, Freda, Roger



  • Waiting for hardcopy; once received, send invoice
  • LIO will ping weekly


  • Lio - acknowledged their commitment
  • LIO will ping weekly


  • Need to check bank account. MIKA?


  • LIO to send email


  • Was sent to staff@
  • Paul's money bounced; still did not pay the rent
  • FREDA to pay the rent on Saturday
  • Tax: we need invoices for big spends

Accountant fee

  • To be paid for the year, paying the diff for the next part of the current year
  • FREDA to pay accountant on Saturday 1400RMB


Number of members

  • As of 21 Oct 2014: Active ~80

Membership IT System

REMINDER: Passports for everybody, sell's for the membership at maker carnival


  • All the meetups are on http://www.meetup.com/xinchejian-meetup/
  • PAUL to link up xinchejian.com
  • AMANDA to send Paul the other meetups
  • Conflicting meetups on Thursday's: Polymorph + 3D Printing; 3DP to move to P2, AMANDA confirms

REPEAT everybody must be member


  • Oct 25th
  • Need more attendance, let's do more PR
  • Has 18 kits

Shanghai Library

  • Sunday: 3D Modeling
  • LUCIO in Nov
  • ROGER in Dec

Internet the "d" thing

  • PAUL, LIO and EDWARD to work this out, still


INTERMEZZO no memberships in return for goods/services. We don't give memberships for workshops, get your money, pay your membership

  • ROGER: urban farming on Sunday 2nd of Nov 2pm
  • ROGER: composting on Sunday 16th of Nov 2pm
  • LIO: programming, TBD
  • PAUL: PCB design, TBD
  • ALLEN: Solidworks, TBD
  • LUCIO/Wallace: welding, TBD


  • Roger says we need shelves, can't unpack
  • ROGER sent email to staff, IKEA shelves; expensive.
  • AMANDA to check Taobao for shelves, ~4,2m x ~2m x ~0,3m
  • Those are display shelves to put next to the main door.


  • AMANDA to buy the ones she suggested; display shelves to be 30cm wide
  • Gorm (Ikea) is a good backup option for the future


  • FREDA exchanged all Singaporean dollars; to pay the rent on Saturday

Machine room

  • Need monthly trainings; WHO?
  • Include it into regular membership?
  • AMANDA to check her XinFab card for tours
  • LUCIO needs to fix band saw; PAUL to send supplier info
  • Proposal: give lump sum from XCJ to XinFab, 1000/mo? Access requires training
  • One training, both tool use and safety; filmed?
  • LIO to ask LUCIO

Amanda to Report back on Quitting as space manager

  • Amanda does not intend to quit
  • Lio's feedback: Space manager must OWN the important issues: rent, finances, social media, who's-who, chops, ayi
  • Lio: "Either do it yourself or know who does it."
  • KEVIN to extend Space Manager page with responsibilities
  • FREDA to pay Amanda on the beginning of the month for the previous month


  • Company chop (for contracts): Amanda
  • Invoice chop: Accountant
  • Accounting chop (banking): UNKNOWN (MIKA?)
  • Faren (Paul) private chop (contracts): UNKNOWN (PAUL?)
  • PROBLEM: accounting chop is gone, can't do banking related stuff
  • PROBLEM: for internet banking we need 3 chops: Company, Accounting(gone), Faren(gone)
  • AMANDA to ask accountant for delivery slip
  • One more search party. If not found, start notarial procedures. 1 week deadline!
  • Accountant can request new Accounting chop, only needs company chop

Financial account consolidation

  • Bank account, Freda's account, Alipay (amanda@xinchejian), Cash
  • For now, keep as-is
  • AMANDA to drive internet banking (see: Chops)
  • 3887 RMB from drink box
  • Cash is useful for deliveries; keep ~1000 RMB for ad hoc deliveries
  • AMANDA to use the cash for shelves

Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, our Blog, Meetup.com, huodongxing, newsletter
  • Instagram? RenRen? DouBan(pw?)? NO
  • Twitter is linked to blog
  • AMANDA to finalize this list. Who has access to what?
  • Picture store? Flickr? XCJ OneDrive has some pictures. AMANDA (something without VPN)
  • Lio: we have plenty of storage in the space. Can't be seen from outside.
  • All the logins to be shared among at least 2 people
  • AMANDA to talk to Jia-Qi regarding Wechat


  • Lucio and Lio: Great success! Good exposure to new peoples.
  • Maybe bi-monthly? LIO to organize


  • "The tragedy of the commons"
  • Surfaces and floors: vacuum and mop
  • AMANDA to ask Lucio


  • Monday - Robots
  • Tuesday - Staff + drones every other night+
  • Wednesday - Open Nights
  • Thursday - Polymorph, Interactive media arts
  • Friday - Amanda do it when she likes it.


  • Kudos to Andi, Paul and the volunteers
  • Sofabike was the best


  • Junkware
  • LIO: Sofabike
  • Jacob: Maker - Social Responsibility
  • LIO to send out the Wed newletter


  • AMANDA to write down on the wiki what intern should do.
  • Free membership, free access to workshop (materials excluded), letter of recommendation
  • english&chinese, minimum 3 months, KEVIN writes the base line for the intern.