Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-05-21

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Date: 2014 05 21
Present: Amanda, Lucio, Kevin, Paul, Freda, Jimmy, Andi

3D Printing Workshop (last weekend)

  • 1125 for Lucio, 1125 for Xinchejian
  • Lucio to do another workshop in 2 weeks, same topic
  • Raise to 200 RMB

PCB Design Workshop (Paul)

  • Saturday... (?)
  • PAUL writing the stuff tonight
  • Delayed a week... to JUNE 7 (Saturday)

Xinchejian Website

  • Geoscaling servers under attack
  • Edward to handle DNS
  • David to handle with Edward

New Space - Swapping location with Lucio

  • We discussed the issue
  • Lucio is ok
  • Concerns about being pushed around by People Squared
  • Overall not too worried

Meeting Rooms

  • Common areas access, meeting rooms, use kitchen as workshop
  • Kevin - Need to clarify

Sponsorship - Singtel Innov8

  • Kevin will write and confirm

Idea: Bob renting out unused desks

  • Wait for Edward

Tax Computer

  • AMANDA to download Windows 7
  • LIO to provide the key
  • JIMMY to install

Wednesday Night

  • FREDA - Will give Paul -- Presenting cloud thing -- postponed
  • Jerry - Presenting on green electronics
  • David - Lamobo.com
  • Lucio - Would like to present his face

Taobao account

=Space Manager

  • amanda requests 3000rmb/month for space manager payment - 36000rmb/year
  • lucio objects to 3000rmb/month
  • paul is for it, would rather pay out of his pocket to have a spacemanager than not one

  • Xinchejian has already agreed to 1500 RMB.
  • Question is should we give a raise.

List of Tasks

  • Can we make a list of responsibilities?
  • Space Manager
  • KEVIN: Putting together very rough financial outlook
  • Need to define tasks and responsibilities
  • PAUL to forward to Kevin

Sponsorship Money

  • Need to get the sponsorship money in
  • Hard to plan without it

Shanghai Library

  • Amanda would like to contact Shanghai Library, handle relationship
  • Amanda to speak with David
  • What is going on with the copying of the workshops
  • Concern about 3D Printing, Freda's children's kids
  • PAUL to write to David


  • Planning to use the People Squared cards
  • Will try to focus on programming for new members

Staff Fees

  • General sense is that staff should pay
  • Staff members that do not show up or pay, should not have the right to call themselves staff

From last week

Google Apps

People who don't get Google Apps... MUST READ: