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Welcome to Xīnchējiān | 欢迎来到 新车间

The first hackerspace in Shanghai. The first of many hackerspaces in China.

About XinCheJian

Xīnchējiān is a hackerspace based in Shanghai, China. Our mission is to support physical computing, open source hardware, and the internet of things, through talks, discussions, projects, workshops, and competitions.

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These are projects that Xinchejian members are working on at the space. Please check out the list of Active Projects to get involved.

Xinchejian Active Projects

Thursday nights ~ 7:30 PM | 周四晚七点半左右

Wednesday Open House

Every Wednesday, Xinchejian hosts an Open House with presentations on many different topics. The event is free and open to everyone.

Wednesday nights ~ 7:00 PM | 周三晚七点左右

Workshops and Guides

Xinchejian members often run workshops to teach other members how to hack and make things. The guides and materials are stored in this wiki.

Weekends (see schedule) | 周末


You can purchase DIY Kits, Arduinos, and Xinchejian stuff!

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