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Xinchejian has an ayi 阿姨 (a cleaner or housekeeper), to help make sure the space doesn't become a total mess.

Who is the ayi?

We should have some basic information about who our ayi is.

Ayi Responsibilities

She has to do this daily:

  • Throw out unattended food or drinks (including in the fridge, if it's not labeled with expiration)
  • Move anything left unattended or unlabeled on the work surfaces to the outgoing pile
  • Clean all work surfaces (all tables)
  • Clean floor
  • Clean whiteboard (do not expect your scribbles to stay on the whiteboard overnight)
  • Clean fridge
  • Empty garbage bin
  • Move content of used batteries into batteries recycling
  • Sell (or if no buyers, throw away) anything in the "for recyling" pile (separate from the "outgoing pile")

Basic Member Responsibilities

These are pre-requisites for the ayi to do her job correctly:

  • Cleared out floor and tables (THESE SURFACES ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR STORAGE)
  • Anything that you want to keep, should be identified with a label with an expiration date

What if you need to store something?

  • small parts and components storage? rent and use your own storage box (LABEL IT CORRECTLY)
  • project too big for a storage? ask for permission to use space on the available shelves (ADD A PROJECT LABEL)
  • done or abandoned project? you can add it to our display shelves (DON'T FORGET TO LABEL IT)
  • overnight project setup? LABEL, LABEL, LABEL with contact information and project explanation
  • see something in the outgoing pile you think we should keep?
    • claim it with your name and future project idea
    • store it on the right shelve or in your storage box

Rules about keeping the space clean

Instructions for the Ayi

  • The Ayi has explicit permission to move anything without labels left on tables or the floor into the outgoing pile.
  • If your project is in the outgoing pile, it is because you left it unattended and/or unlabeled on a work surface; do not bitch to the Ayi about it.

Not happy? Please contact

Ayi Issues

The main issue is that her job has been made difficult by the fact that it is unclear what she can throw away and what she needs to keep.

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